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William Ryder & Hannah Barker - my 7th Great-Grandparents

Descendants of Samuel Ryder & Anne Gamlett

My 7th Great-Grnadparents

22.  William Ryder (Samuel 2, Samuel 1) was born on Jun 18, 1684 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA and died before Dec 7, 1727 in Newport, Newport, RI.

General Notes: Will dated April 7, 1714; probated Sept. 23, 1715. Plymouth Co., Mass.
           Ancestry.com: Massachusetts, Town Vital Collections 1620-1988. P. 13. Plymouth. Birth of children.
           Library of Cape Cod History and Genealogy No. 98. Ryder. Genealogies by James W Hawes. 19 pages.
           World Connect: Sadler Family Genealogy - Jerry Peterson.
           1. "Mayflower Families through Five Generations," Volume 18 (Plymouth: General Society of Mayflower
               Descendants), pp. 14-15:
 "Sarah Bartlett3 (Mary2 Warren, Richard1) b. Plymouth; d. bef. 14 June 1680 (2nd m.).
She m. Plymouth 23 Dec 1656 Samuel Rider, bp. All Saints Parish, co. Northampton, England 25 Nov. 1632; d. Plymouth 18 July 1715 in 85th yr.; son of Samuel and Anne (Gamlett) Rider. He m. (2) Taunton 14 June 1680* Lydia Tilden by whom he had Hannah Sarah, William, Lydia Samuel, Elizabeth, Joseph, Benjamin, Mary, Abigail and Josiah.
A certificate dated 3 Dec 1662 says Samuel Ryder Sr. and his son Samuel Rider Jr. had lived in the towns of Yarmouth and Plymouth in Plymouth Colony the space of thirty years and that Samuel Rider Sr. had previously lived in the town of Northampton in the parish of Alhallowes. It was signed by William Collier and Thomas Southworth. (The TAG article shows that Samuel Rider was still in England in 1637.)
 On 20 March 1689/90 John Rider aged 26 years or thereabouts testified about a whale.

 On 7 April 1714 Samuel Rider of Plymouth, cooper, gave to sons Samuel Rider and Benjamin Rider, both of Plymouth land in Plymouth. It was ack. 12 Oct. 1714 by Samuel Rider and wife Lidia.
 The will of Samuel Rider of Plymouth, yeoman, dated 7 April 1714, proved 23 Sept. 1715, names son William; wife Lydia; daus. Hannah, Sarah, Lydia, Mary, Elizabeth and Abigail; sons John, Samuel and Benjamin and dau. Mercy "I have done competently for them in my lifetime"; son Joseph "he went when young to his uncle"; son Josiah.
 Children (Rider) b. Plymouth;
 i. Samuel4 b. 18 Nov. 1657
 ii. John b. ca. 1663 (dposed age 26 on 20 March 1689/90)
 iii. Mercy (apparently m. according to father's will); seemingly living 7 April 1714 (father's will)
 References: MD 11:182-7 (will); 16:85 (d. Sam.). Plymouth Colony Recs 8:17 (m. & b. Sam.), 82 (2nd m.). (Plymouth) Burial Hill p. 10 (d. Sam.). Plymouth Scrapbook p. 61 (depos.). VR Taunton (2nd m.). Waterman Gen 1:620. TAG 43:117-124 (English data). Plymouth Ch Recs 1:214 (d. Sam.). NEHGR 79:316 (1662 cert.). Plymouth Co PR 3:377-8 (Samuel Rider). Plymouth VR pp. 137 (d. Samuel), 662 (m.; b. Samuel).
 *Date is from VR Taunton but is apparently wrong as first dau. Hannah b. 1 June 1680." 
2. FHL film 1036302 typescript "Rider-Ryder," by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Radasch, South Yarmouth, Mass., December 1963, 13 pages:
"SAMUEL(2) RIDER, Jr., son of Samuel Rider, Sr., was born about 1630. This is known from his gravestone, which reads "Mr. Samuel/ Ryder who died/ July ye 18th/ 1715 about/ ye 85th year/ of his age" (Epitaphs on Burial Hill). His will was made April 7, 1714, and was probated Sept. 23, 1715 (Plymouth Co. P.R. 17,391; or Book 3: 377,378). Witnesses were Ephraim Little, Thomas Clark, Jr., and Josiah Morton. He mentioned his wife Lydia, his sons William, Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin, and Josiah, and his six daughters: Hannah, Sarah, Lydia, Mary, Elizabeth, and Abigail, all children by his wife Lydia. He also mentioned his son John and daughter Mercy, children by a former wife. Of his son Joseph, he says that Joseph "went when young to his uncle," and he says that Josiah "is going to a trade."
Samuel married first in Plymouth, Dec. 23, 1656, Sarah(3) Bartlett (May. Ind. #2714) daughter of Robert and Mary(2) (Warren) Bartlett, and granddaughter of Richard(1) Warren of the "Mayflower." She died before June 1680, and he married secondly in Taunton, Mass., June 14, 1680 (VR) Lydia Tilden of Plymouth. She is buried in Manomet Cemetery, Plymouth, the inscription on the gravestone reading "Mrs. Lydia Rider, widow of Mr. Sam'l Rider died 17 Sept. 1740 in ye 83rd yr. of her age." This date agrees with the birth of Lydia, April 26, 1658, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Bourne) (Waterman) Tilden.
Samuel's children by his second wife were born up to 1700, when Samuel was 69 or 70 years old. There is no question but that these children were his (and not those of his son Samuel(3) as given by Davis in Ancient Landmarks) because the Samuel who died July 18, 1715 (Plymouth Ch.R., p. 214) at the age of 85 (G.S.) mentioned them as his in his will. The family of this Samuel Rider is discussed at some length in Mayflower Desc. 11:182-186...
 Children by first wife, Sarah Bartlett:
 i. Samuel, (3) (b. in 1657?); d. young.
 ii. John, b. in 1663; aged 26 in 1690 (May. Ind. #28,398; 28,399).
 iii. Mercy, mentioned in will; living in 1714.
 Children by second wife, Lydia Tilden, born in Plymouth (May. Desc. 1:210):
 iv. Hannah, b. June 1, 1680; d. Jan. 29, 1763, ye widow of Jere(miah) Jack(son).
 v. Sarah, b. March 26, 1682; d. Nov. 19 (or Dec. 15 in Epitaphs) 1778, in 97th yr. m. Joshua Bramhall, who d. Jan. 21, 1763, in 80th yr. (Epitaphs).
 vi. William, b. June 18, 1684.
 vii. Lydia, b. Oct. 11, 1686; m. Elisha Cobb.
 viii. Samuel, b. July 26, 1688; d. shortly after his father; m. and left a family (May. Desc. 11:183).
 ix. Elisabeth, b. March 26, 1690; d. Dec. 11, 1695.
 x. Joseph, b. in middle of July, 1691; d. July 18, 1737; m. in 1722, Abigail Warren who d. Dec. 5, 1766, aged 66 (Plymouth Ch.R., p. 396; May. Desc. 13:116); called Joseph, Jr. (see Joseph(3) son of John(2) b. about 1672, who would be Joseph, Sr., and probably the one who m. Mary Southworth). Children (Plymouth Ch.R.; May. Desc. 13:116): William(4) 1723, d. 1772; Abigail 1726; Joseph 1728, d. 1728; Joseph 1729; Hannah 1731, d. 1732; Benjamin 1733; Tilden 1736, d. 1737.
 xi. Benjamin, b. in June 1693.
 xii. Mary, b. Oct. 10, 1694.
 xiii. Elizabeth, b. March 16, 1695.
 xiv. Josiah, b. in middle of May, 1696.
 xv. Abigail, b. Jan. 29, 1700. 
3. The American Genealogist, 53:147-151, William Rider of Plymouth: A R.I. Progenitor, by Richard G. Rider:
William3 Rider was born at Plymouth 18 June 1684, the first son of Samuel2 Rider of Plymouth (1632-1715) by his second wife Lydia Tilden (1658-1740) (Mayflower Descendant 1:210), daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Bourne) Tilden (NEH&GR 65:322 f.; Walter Goodwin Davis, "Ancestry of Joseph Neal"(1945), pp. 51-63; ?Mayfl. Desc. 11:182-5). The "Nellie Rider Manuscript," on deposit at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, states this William Rider moved to Rhode Island and that he was the ancestor of the Riders of Riders' Mills, Columbia Co., N.Y., but presents no evidence in support of either assertion.
Fremont Rider's "Preliminary Materials for a Genealogy of the Rider (Ryder) Families in the U.S." (1959) merely comments: Records of his (William"s) wife and children are taken from the record of a William Rider of Middletown and Newport, R.I. who, from the similarity of names, Nellie Rider believes is the same William. But proof that he moved to R.I. is lacking, Similarly lacking is proof that from him the Riders' Mills branch of the family is descended, al-though that is a tradition in that branch.
Neither Nellie Rider nor Fremont Rider goes any further in identifying William's wife than to state her given name, Hannah. In this article, we shall present what evidence we have found in support of the theory that William Rider of Plymouth did move to Rhode Island. Also, we have proved--this discovery will have to be the subject of some future communication--that the Riders of Riders' Mills are, indeed, descendants of William4 Rider (1705-1796), and we believe we have discovered who Hannah actually was.
What about William3 Rider in Plymouth? In his will dated at Plymouth 7 April 1714, probated 23 Sept. 1715 (Plymouth Co. Probate 3:377), Samuel2 Rider made his son the fol-lowing bequest: "to my son William Rider ... my Sixty acre lott at or near a place Called moreys holes, having by deed conveyed all ye rest of my lands and reall Estate to my 2 sons Sam11 & Benjamin." This parcel of land was located within the township of Plymouth, for it is described as such in a deed dated 7 April 1714, recorded 18 Oct. 1714 which specifically excludes this tract from that land granted by Samuel2 Rider to his sons Samuel and Benjamin who were to share the land "n Equall parts or portions tho not by Joynt Tenancy but as Tenants in Comon"(Plymouth Co. Deeds 11:51).
Although the sixty acres reserved for William were properly mentioned in the foregoing deed, he was not himself named. In his father's will all three sons are named. It may be argued that, as there is no indication that William was living elsewhere, it may be presumed that in 1714 all three were living in Plymouth, but this is not necessarily so. The grantees, Samuel and Benjamin, were bound by the conditions of the deed to provide their parents with a place to live, the use of a garden and sufficient fruit for their needs, sufficient firewood, a horse and a cow. Furthermore, they were obliged to go to mill for us, as we shall have ocation, "to pay and respond all my Just Debts whatsoever Contracted before this Date," and to pay their parents an annuity of twelve pounds, in money or equivalent goods and services. Other conditions relate to bequests of money Samuel and Benjamin are to make on their father's behalf, after his death.
Samuel and Benjamin were thus bound to perform certain services incumbent upon their residence on their father's former property, but no strings were attached to William's share of the legacy, and this point, plus the fact that he was to receive no land at all until his father died, leads us to believe William may not have been residing in Plymouth at all in 1714. What actually became of William and his share of his father's land does not appear upon public record. We suggest he may have sold the property and then moved away.
It has been conjectured that William Rider moved to Rhode Island. Massachusetts men settled Rhode Island and people from Plymouth itself were moving in the direction of that Colony at least as early as 1659 when Freetown, Mass., was organized by people who felt oppressed by the arbitrary laws of Plymouth. The Read family, which we shall have oc-casion to mention further on in this study, were traditionally from Plymouth, settled at Freetown in 1677 and later moved to Newport.
Many of the Newport Riders were descendants of John and Sarah Rider of Newport whose first son, Thomas, was born there 22 Jan. 1706. Neither the parentage of this John, nor that of the James Rider of Little Compton whose first child was born there 21 Sept. 1710, has been discovered, but the similarity of names in these families suggests they may have been descendants of the immigrant Thomas Rider, the passenger on the Hercules in 1634, or of the James Rider of Cambridge who had sons James and Thomas. However that may be, John and James Rider definitely do not appear to have been related to the Riders of Plymouth, or to their contemporaries, the family of William Rider of Middletown and Newport.
The names of a number of Middletown and Newport Riders appear upon the birth and marriage records there and form a separate family group. In fact--and in this regard we concur with Nellie Rider--their names suggest they belonged to the Riders from Plymouth. But the only concrete evidence, of which we are aware, of any connection between a Plymouth Rider and Newport is the marriage of Joseph4 Rider, born 1729, son of Joseph3 and Abigail (Warren) Rider of Plymouth, to Thankful Pol1ard of Newport. Although this Joseph was the son of a brother of grantees Samuel and Benjamin Rider, and of William Rider who is thought to have moved to Rhode Island, he definitely did not live there.
The family of William Rider in Rhode Island has been re-constructed from various marriage and death records, principally on the basis of a similarity in names between the members of the family of Samuel2 and Lydia (Tilden) Rider and certain Riders of Middletown. In the absence of any documentary proofs of parentage, we have relied upon this method to determine who William3 Rider's children were, a method which, in the light of other supporting evidence, we do not think has led us astray in our identifications.

The first of William Rider's five children appears to have been named William. The record of death of William3 [KP: sic.; should be 4] Rider in February 1796 (Arnold?s ?VR of RI? 12:60), as well as an excerpt from the Newport Mercury, show him to have died at Dartmouth, Mass. (will dated 13 March 1789, prob. 2/12 Feb. 1796), at the age of 91 and that he spent his earlier days in Rhode Island. (The east side of the Ausinet River, as far south as Elm Street, Dartmouth, was settled by people from Plymouth (Sketches of Old Dartmouth). Wm Rider purchased about 300 acres of land between the North Dartmouth station and the Faunce Corner-Hixville Road, from Wm Kempton, ca. 1750. A Ryder burying ground is said to have been located on this tract on the east side of the Smith?s Mills-Hixville Road (Lawrence B. Cummings, "Our Cum-mings Family," 1951, 3:277).
William4 Rider was hence born in 1705. He married at Dartmouth, Mass., 17 Sept. 1733 Abigail Kirby, born at Dartmouth 28 Nov. 1711, daughter of John and Rebecca (Mosher) Kirby of Dartmouth. Their sons names were: Benjamin, Jonathan, Samuel, William. One of their daughters was named Sarah.
Lydia Ryder (b. 1710, according to Nellie Rider, and probably to be identified with the Lydia who was bapt. 31 Oct. 1729 at the First Sabbatarian Church, Newport (Arnold 7:629), married at Middletown 28 Oct. 1733 Lawrence2 Clarke, of Newport, born 1712, son of Lawrence1 and Rebec-ca (Lawton) Clarke of Newport. They resided at both Newport and Middletown, and had, among other children, Sarah, Hannah, Lydia and William (George Austin Morrison Jr. "larke Families of R.I.,"1902, p. 248).
Joseph A. Rider married at Newport 26 Nov. 1741 Barbara William and resided at Middletown. They had sons named Joseph and William.
Hannah Rider married Eleazer Read of Newport, at Newport, June 1746.
Lastly, Sarah Ryder married at Middletown 15 Nov. 1747 Cornelius Dillingham (b. 25 May 1724), son of Edward and Elizabeth (Goodspeed) Dillingham of Middletown. They resided at Newport and had children, among others, named Hannah, Wil-liam, Samuel and Sarah.
In the list above, the names printed in italics were pre-sumably inspired by those borne by members of the family of Samuel2 and Lydia (Tilden) Rider. Those printed in script indicate that William3 Rider probably had a wife Hannah and will also be used in identifying her. Two of them, Joseph and Sarah, are also to be encountered in the family of Samuel Rider: his first wife was Sarah Bartlett and he had a son Joseph by his second wife, Lydia; but, as we shall see, there was another Joseph and another Sarah, more closely connected with William3 Rider, for whom he probably named two children
According to both Nellie and Fremont Rider, William3 Ride married a woman named Hannah. This assumption seems to have been based upon two facts: the presence of a Hannah among William?s supposed children, and the more interesting fact that the name of a ?Hannah Ryder? appears on a 1729 list of the members of the Second Baptist Church of Newport, immediately preceded by the names of Mary and Penelope Barker (NEHGR 69:92).
The existence, however, of two Rhode Island deeds, of capital importance in identifying Hannah, seems to have been completely ignored by previous searchers for her maiden name The earlier deed is dated at Newport 7 Dec. 1727, recorded 14 Dec. 1727 (2:267 f.) and shows that Hannah Rider of Newport, widow, was the grantee from Joseph and Peter Barker of Newport.
The other deed is dated at Middletown 17 April 1744 (1:16 and shows that Hannah Rider of Middletown, widow, "for the sum of 100 pounds current money of New England truly paid by Joseph Rider in the town of Middletown (sold) one messuage or Dwelling house and lot of land where (she) now dwells containing about half and a quarter of a quarter." The land is described as "bounded northerly and westerly upon land late of George Barksley and now in possession of Albro Anthony. Southerly and easterly upon a highway." Witnesses: John Barker, Edward Little; signed by mark of Hannah Rider.
What can be learned about Hannah Rider from these three documents? The 1729 church record does not state Hannah Ryder was a widow, although another of "ye Sisters" of the Second Baptist Church, Sarah Barker, not indicated as a widow either, was in fact the widow of James Barker who died in 1722 and who, with other men, had received a deed from their pastor, James Clarke, for the land and church building 23 Jan. 1707. Other Barkers appear in that list as well: the Mary Barker previously cited was a daughter of either James and Sarah (Jeffrey) Barker or of William and Elizabeth (Easton) Barker, b. 10 Jan. 1698; Penelope Barker was the daughter of Peter and Freelove (Bliss) Barker, b. 1698; and James Barker, Sr., was the son of James, b. 4 Dec. 1675 and had a brother Jeremiah, b. 10 Jan. 1699, also mentioned in the 1729 list.
Both Nellie and Fremont Rider state that William3 Rider had no other children after the conjectured 1724 birth of their daughter Sarah. As Hannah was a widow in 1727, if she had been the wife of William3, then he died before 7 Dec. 1727, and perhaps after 1724.
The 1727 deed mentions Joseph and Peter Barker, in this order, grantors to Hannah Rider. They were sons of Joseph Barker, born 1650 Elizabeth F. Barker's "Barker Genealogy," 1927, p. 12) by his wife Sarah Read of Newport (Austin, "Gen. Dict. of R.I.," p. 14). Joseph Barker Jr., son of Joseph, brother of Peter, was baptized 13 July 1719 in the First Sabbatarian Church of Newport (Arnold 7:624) where his probable relative, Lydia Rider, was to be baptized in 1729 when, according to Nellie Rider, she would have been 19 years old.
The 1744 deed mentions a Joseph Rider who was in all likelihood Hannah's son, and a John Barker who may have been her brother. Sarah Read was probably the daughter of John Read of Newport and had a brother John, for either of whom she might have named a son (Jacob Whittemore Reed, ?Our Read Family of Boston? 1861), a very unreliable book (Ed.).
This evidence, plus the fact that William and Hannah Rider had children named Joseph (who had a son Joseph who named a daughter Phebe Barker Rider, born at Middletown, 14 Oct. 1800) , as well as a Sarah (who had a daughter named Sarah, who was born Dillingham, at Newport, 21 Oct. 1755), and, in addition, a daughter named Hannah who married a Read of Newport, leads us to the conclusion that Hannah Rider was actually the daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Read) Barker, whose brother James had been so closely associated with the Second Baptist Church of Newport with nephews and nieces mentioned as members of that church in 1729, along with their first cousin, Hannah Ryder.
On 31 March 1760 a Mrs. Ryder died in Newport at the age of 80 (NEHGR 62:284). It is Possible she was William3 Rider's widow: about four years her husband's senior, if the age at death is at all accurate, she was born earlier than any of the other Riders inhabitant of Rhode Island whom we have dis-covered, and because of her age, there is no confusion pos-sible between her and any other contemporary Mrs. Ryder of Rhode Island.
We had hoped to discover the precise birth or baptismal dates of William3 Rider's children upon the records of the Second Baptist Church of Newport, where it would be logical to look for them, but the early church records do not ap-pear to have survived. Hence, unless at some future date some better, as yet unsuspected and unexplored sources of information regarding William Rider, his wife and children, are revealed, we do not believe it possible to bear in any closer on the truth of their identity than we have just done.
(Editor's Note: Mr. Rider's hopes to find records in the Second Bap-tist Church could hardly have included baptisms, as the Baptists always refuse to baptize infants, and adequate records of the baptisms of adult persons are very rare indeed from any Baptist Church.)
1. NEHGS's "Plymouth Vital Records," book 1, pp. 11-12:
   The children of Samuel Rider & Lidiah Rider his wife
 1. Hannah born June the 1 1680 deceased June 29th 1763 the widow of Jere Jack[worn]
 2. Sarah born on the 26th March 1682 died Nov. 19 1778 [a later hand has added "w of Joshua Bramhall"]
 3. William born on the 18th of June 1684
 4. Lidiah born Oct. 11th 1686 [a later hand has added "w of Elisha Cobb"]
 5. Samuel born on the 26 July 1688
 6. Elizabeth born on the 26 Mar 1690 she deceased on the 11th of Dec. 1695
 7 Joseph born in the middle of July 1691
 8. Benjamine born in June 1693
 9. Mary born on the 10 of Oct 1694
 10. Elizabeth born on the 16 of March 1695
 11. Josiah born about the middle of May 1696
 12. Abigail born on 29 of January 1700 
William married Hannah Barker, daughter of ____________ ____________ and ____________ ____________.
The child from this marriage was: 
  +      39   M        i.      William Ryder was born in 1705 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA and died on Feb 9, 1796 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, USA.


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