Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sir Francis Baildon and his nine page will

[This item was written and posted by Elizabeth Kipp on her blog  "English Research from Canada"  .
I transcribed the will of Sir Francis Baildon when I was first learning paleography. It was an enormous challenge for me at the time but I struggled through it five years ago. The last few days I have redone my transcription and I am amazed on the one hand that I did so well at the time and astounded, on the other hand, at my errors!]

My husband has an interest in this will as one of his ancestors was Daniel Belding who married Elizabeth Foote 10 Nov 1670 at Hartford Connecticut (CT). Their daughter Sarah (born 15 Mar 1682 at Hatfield CT) married Benjamin Burt 19 Oct 1702 at Deerfield Massachusetts (MA).  During the raid on Deerfield of 1704 they were taken to Montréal and their first son was born there (Sarah was seven months pregnant for that trek through the snows of winter - it must have been a frightening experience). They were repatriated and on the return voyage their son (my husband's ancestor) Seaborn was born ( 4 Jul 1706 at sea). Continuing to come down Seaborn married Susannah Lobdell but the date and place of marriage are not known to me. Their son Benjamin Burt married Rebecca (surname unknown) and their daughter Sarah was born Jan 1771 at Ridgefield CT. We visited the cemetery at Ridgefield but couldn't find their gravestone (it was a dreary wet day and we couldn't find it; must return one day). Sarah married Philip Crouse 8 Apr 1791 at Queensbury New Brunswick (this is my husband's loyalist line). Their daughter Rebecca Crouse married Isaac Allen (another loyalist line) 8 Apr 1816 at Keswick New Brunswick. Their last child James C Allen was his great grandfather (born 24 Dec 1832 at Millstream New Brunswick). James Allen married Hannah Catherine Parlee (another loyalist line) 17 Jul 1856 at Burford Canada West (now Ontario). Their youngest daughter Margaret Evelyn Allen was born 3 Nov 1880 in McLean Township Ontario and she married Horace Lorenzo Link (loyalist line that came directly to Ontario in the early 1780s) 25 Nov 1903 at Audrey North West Territories (now Saskatchewan). My husband's mother was born in Saskatchewan but they returned to Ontario when she was six weeks old in 1906.

That traces the line down from Daniel Belding and to work backwards now the parents of Daniel Belding were William Belding and Thomasine Sherwood who married at Wethersfield CT. The father of this William was Richard Baldon (Balydon/Baildon) married to Margaret Ackrenden 9 Dec 1622 at Heptonstall West Yorkshire Riding (England). The possible father of this Richard Baildon was Sir Francis Baildon and mother was Margaret Goodrick who were themselves married at Ribston Manor West Yorkshire riding.

This is where the question enters. I found a book online "Concerning some of the Ancestors and Descendants of Royal Denison Belden and Olive Cadwell Belden by Jessie Perry Van Zile Belden. Printed for private circulation by J. B. Lippincott Company Philadelphia 1898. An interesting book in light of the articles published lately concerning the impossibility that Richard Baildon was the son of Sir Francis Baildon. The one comment in the book that catches my eye is on page 72 of this book (can be downloaded from Internet Archive) where I quote a quote from William Paley Baildon, F.S.A. and he was a member of the Council of the Archaeological Society of Yorkshire. The question that might remain in my mind is who was William Paley
Baildon but the quote follows:

"There is only one family of Bayldon; all persons bearing that name by inheritance must have sprung from the Yorkshire manor of that name. Richard Bayldon, son of Sir Francis Bayldon of Kippax, baptized May 26, 1591, was the only Richard, so far as I know, who would have had money to spend in the purchase of land, as Richard of Wethersfield did."

Now that doesn't prove that this Richard is the son of Sir Francis Baildon. Once I am happy with the transcription of the will (my husband will put that on his blog) than I will proceed to work on the Postmortem Inquisition that he also purchased from the National Archives. Certainly the will leaves one breathless with the extent of this man's holdings but also as I transcribed it I realized the tremendous responsibility placed on his children to carry out his many transactions and to follow through with his legacies. All of this to begin five years after the death of Sir Francis Baildon. His death was in 1623 so the duties would have begun to fall on
Richard in 1628 presumably. The actual value of the estates of Sir Francis Baildon at his death does not appear to be as substantial as they appear on the will. His debts were large apparently and so the children would have had to bear this debt along with their legacies and balance it all out. This Richard had also made application to leave England in 1613 so perhaps felt with the dissension around him concerning King and Parliament and the responsibilities of the estate of his father that he might do better in America. I think that attributing this Richard to Lawrence Baildon when no baptism exists is perhaps questionable and that is the tone of later researchers in this family.

When next we are at Kew, I shall try to spend some time looking at all the Baildon material there to see if a stronger case could be made for Richard Baildon at Wethersfield being the son of Sir Francis Baildon. I will also look at the other Baildon families in Yorkshire although we have read through the Heptonstall Parish Registers. Always though one must bear in mind that the tendency in the 1800s was to try to link back to an illustrious family in Europe and that tainted many of the genealogical studies of colonial families produced in the United States in that time period.


  1. Interesting. I just found the Belden link to my Osborn family (of Fairfield County, CT) through Martha Higgins. Her mother was Miriam Belden. Daniel Belden would have been Mariam's grandfather. Thanks for the info!

  2. And, yes, I agree...there seems to have been some "eagerness" to link families back to famous families. However, I read somewhere that Lawrence Baildon of Hepstonstall did NOT have a son named Richard. Richard continues to be a real pain in the #$$. Perhaps he was like my Osborn ancestor, Richard Osborn...a young man with a dubious past...???

    1. There is apparently another Richard there. Wikitree on George Bayldon(1525-1588) says he is the father of Francis & Richard(born1570). There is the problem solved. Then Francis had Richard 21 years later. Francis' younger brother, Richard, may have been the one working with Francis after their father died in 1588. And he would have died tgere, maybe 1630). Please keep me posted, this is my husband's line back thru Margaret Goodrick & I'd like to see the confusion caused by the genealogists Paul Reed & John Sharp solved. I'm sure Francis' son Richard was the one who came to America.