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Additional Instructions to Lord Dorchester concerning Oaths and Quakers. November 18, 1793.

Documents relating to the granting of lands to Loyalists in the Province of Quebec (includes present day Quebec and Ontario).

Transcriber: Edward Kipp
January 2011
Source: Library and Archives Canada

MG40 B8: Instructions to governors for Quebec, Lower Canada and Upper Canada.
LAC mf H-2952. File 4. PP 38-45.
Additional Instructions to Lord Dorchester concerning Oaths and Quakers. November 18, 1793.

[P. 1]
Extract from His Majesty’s Instructions to Lord Dorchester 16th September 1791
Variations on the Land Instructions Hugh Finlay

[P. 2]
George R
Additional Instruction to Our Right Trusty and Wellbeloved Guy, Lord Dorchester, Knight of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, Our Captain General and Governor in Chief, in and over Our Province of Lower Canada in America. Given at Our Court at Saint James’s the Eighteenth day of November 1793. In the Thirty Fourth year of Our Reign.

Whereas Our Will and Pleasure has been signified in the 35th Article of Our Instructions to you, as Our Captain General and Governor in Chief in and over Our Province of Lower Canada, bearing date the 16th day of September 1791. That no Warrant for surveying Lands be granted by you or the Lieutenant Governor, or

[P. 3]
Persons administering the Government for the time being, unless the Person, or Persons applying for the same, do, at the time of making such Application, besides taking the usual Oaths Directed by Law, also make and subscribe the following Declaration in your, or his Presence, or in the Presence of such Person or Persons, as shall by you or him, be appointed for that purpose. Viz “I A.B. do promise and declare that I will maintain and defend to the utmost of my Power, the Authority of The King in His Parliament, as the Supreme Legislature of this Province.”

And whereas there has been laid before Us a Petition, presented in your Absence to the Lieutenant Governor of Our said Province, in Canada, by certain of Our Subjects of the People called Quakers; praying, that as they conscientiously decline wearing and bearing Arms, and swearing in any base whatever, the Words, “I Swear and Defend” in the above Oath, may be dispensed with, in regard to Persons of their Society, applying for Grants of Lands; It is therefore Our Will and Pleasure, notwithstanding the aforesaid Article in Our Instructions to you as

[P. 4]
aforesaid, that in the Case of Quakers applying for Grants of Lands, it shall be sufficient, (if there be no other objection to making such Grants) that the Quakers so applying, do make and sign a Declaration, acknowledging the Authority of Us, Our Heirs and Successors, in Our Parliament of Great Britain, as the Supreme Legislature of Our Province of Lower Canada; and declaring that they will demean themselves as peaceable and loyal Subjects to Us, Our Heirs and Successors accordingly.

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