Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kip/Kipp Family of New Amsterdam (New York)

The family descents that I post in this blog do not include sources. The sources are provided in the files that are available on World Connect. I may make mistakes and you should verify all information provided. As well, there may be missing information. If you notice any inconsistencies or errors or wish to add information, please contact me at

Currently I am posting families from the Kip/Kipp Family of New Amsterdam, however, I plan to post families from my other databases in the future.

World Connect

The Kip/Kipp Family of New Amsterdam (New York)
The Hendrick Hendricksen (Kip) family emigrated to New Amsterdam (now New York) between 1637 & 1643 from Holland where they had lived for several generations.
In the "jump to a specific database" field type - edwkipp8
Use the index to find who you are interested in.

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