Thursday, December 31, 2015

3 X Great Grandparents update

My project in 2015 was to review my research on my 32 3 X Great-Grandparents and post a blog for each one.

Published (26):
Noah Force, Mary Beamer, Johannes Schram, Margaret Ann Darby, William Abbs, Martha Chapman, Nelson Niles Rathbun, Mercy Ryder (Rider), David Hotrum, Mary Smith, Peter Allen, Dorcas Gallup (Gallop), Philip Crouse, Sarah Burt, Isaac Parlee, Mary Polly Casey, Joseph Folkins Jr. Hannah Frazee, Johan Friedrich Niemann, Regina Maria Staffeld, Adolf Dusing, Regina Germer, Mathias Link, Elizabeth Smith, Johann Christian Daniel Schultz, Johann Passow.

More research required (6):
There are six of my 3rd Great-Grandparents for whom I do not have names.

Since I do not know the parents of my 2 x Great grandparents Isaac Kipp and Hannah Meed I will publish what I know about them instead.

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