Sunday, June 26, 2016 DNA testing

It has been a while since I posted. The new volunteer duties I have taken on with the Ontario Genealogical Society - Ottawa Branch, took up more time than anticipated.

However, time moves on!

I recently completed the DNA test. Because of the large number of people who have tested with Ancestry, my test results brought up 95 shared or very close ancestor hints. There are also 200 4th cousins or closer hints. They all are connections or matches with families I have in my family files. Of course to see these family connections you need to put up at least a skeleton family tree on ancestry.

I would recommend that anyone who has North American ancestry purchase and complete the ancestry DNA test. You will more than likely find new cousins this way and perhaps at the same time help consolidate your family lines and research.

What convinced me was watching a recent Legacy webinar on the topic.

In particular if more of our Kipp/Kip cousins (who have paper trails) would complete the DNA test, they would help build up a database which would help other Kipp/Kip cousins who do not know there ancestry quite so well.

Happy Ancestry DNA testing


  1. Hello Edward
    I have had my DNA tested with Ancestry and have a match with a descendant of John Kipp ( son of Issac and Hannah) and also with a descendant of Chansey Kipp ( son of Jonathon Kipp and Rhoda Chausey). My great great grandmother was Mary Kipp ( married Henry Hesman or Heaseman) I do not know who Mary Kipp's parents were but I believe they were Jonathan Kipp and Rhoda Chausey because of a number of other connections to members of both families. I have read your history of Isaac Kipp and Hannah Mead and noted you have very little information on Jonathon since he died quite young. You have only one child listed for them but I believe there were more. I would love to prove my 2x gr. Grandmother was one of them. I believe the DNA is bringing me closer as it at least shows I am related to the family. If you have any more info on Jonathon and Rhoda, I would love to hear about it. Sincerely, Kim M. H.

  2. Hi Kim
    I would like to help with this.
    I actually have Chauncey Kipp located in what I call the Tillsonburg Kipp family. One member of that family has tested his Y-DNA and we match so we still belong to the Kip/Kipp Family of New Amsterdam.
    You can access this file on World Connect.
    In the jump to a specific database field type kipp_tillsonburg and use the index.
    Please correspond with me at my e-mail address