Sunday, February 20, 2022

Donation of Edward's library to the OGS Ottawa Branch Library

In total 650 books from Edward's collection are now on the shelves in the Ottawa Branch Library of the Ontario Genealogical Society now Ontario Ancestors. Grace, the Librarian, shared that information with me with the extra information that there are still several boxes to review. Some of his books have been passed to the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library and I hope that they will benefit that group as well. Edward's UEL collection was also quite large but we did give all of it to the Ottawa Branch Library with the note that if they wished to pass any of it on to the Sir Guy Carleton UEL Library to go ahead. When we sorted the books we did separate out the UEL books but did not split the donation given COVID times and the desire to fullfil one of Edward's last requests to us that we do donate his books for use in the library as soon as possible. 

We intend to remember Edward's devotion to the Ottawa Branch Library by a yearly donation on the 10th of April each year. We feel that that is what he would wish us to do and to note that this donation is to help in the maintenance of the library (new book purchases etc). 

Someday we will go and see some of his books on the shelves but even at ten months our minds are still full of the living Edward and the loss to us of his vitality and ability to come up with so many amazing projects for us to do to drag us away from our quiet existences. 

I had thought by now I might be posting more regularly on Edward's research boxes but I can see that it will be a process that begins in the spring when my daughter and I start working our way through his boxes of research. At 76.5 years I am finding it more difficult to take on so many projects at one time and in the long run it will likely be my daughter who carries on some of her father's research.  It is probably better that we do it in unison so that it is easier to simply carry on into the future easily with that process.

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