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Irene Niles & William Rathbun - my 4th Great-Grandparents

38.  Irene Niles (Nathan 6, Nathan 5, John 4, John 3, John 2, John 1) was born on Nov 11, 1780
       in Hebron, Tolland, CT and died on Jun 10, 1873 in Norwich, Oxford Co., ON, Can.  

Notes: Syrena.  Marriage: 1799, Tioga, Pennsylvania
Canadian National Census 1861: Burford Twp., Brant Co., Canada West, Dist. 3, p. 86, C-1008/1009. 

Irene married William Rathbun, son of Deacon Daniel Rathbun and Sarah Higby, in 1799 in Union Twp., Tioga Co., PA, USA. William was born on Mar 7, 1776 in Richmond, Berkshire, MA and died on Jul 11, 1857 in Norwich, Oxford Co., Canada West.

Notes: As a young man he moved to Union, Pennsylvania and purchased his claim of Jesse Losey.  He built a home before 1812.  He married there in 1799. About 1811, he sold his home to Ambrose Millard who was the husband of his niece, Mary Gordon. He was a farmer.  He returned to Saratoga County, New York.  About 1814, he moved to Canada.  He spent the last 20 years of his life in bed due to a stroke.

Biography #  2: 1883, History of Tioga, Pennsylvania 1804-1883
Biography # 1: January1984, The Rathbun-Rathbone-Rathburn Family
Historian Vol. 4 # 1 Page 11
US Federal Census 1810: Tioga County, Pennylvania 

1851 Canadian Census; Canada West, Brant County, Burford Twp.
Dist. No. 2, Sub-dist. 7, p. 85. C-11713.
Wm Rathbun    76  US  Nothing
Irena                  73  US 

Children from this marriage were:
  +      47   F         i.    Harriet Rathbun was born on Mar 16, 1800 in Union, Tioga Co.,
                                   PA, USA and died on Jul 27, 1879 in Little Valley, NY, USA.  

          48   F        ii.    Lydia Rathbun was born on May 1, 1801 in Union, Tioga Co., PA, USA
                                   and died on May 14, 1883 in Randolph, NY, USA. 
            General Notes: Marriage: April 26, 1818, New York
            US Federal Census 1880: Conewango, Cattaraugus, New York

Lydia married Horace Hall, son of ____________ ____________ and ____________ ____________, on Apr 26, 1818 in NY, USA. Horace was born on Jan 20, 1798 in Guilford, New Haven, CT, USA and died on Jun 8, 1878 in Randolph, NY, USA. 

  +      49   M      iii.    William Rathbun was born on Dec 31, 1802 in Union, Tioga Co.,
                                    PA, USA and died on Nov 30, 1888 in East Garafraxa, ON, Can.  

  +      50   M     iv.    Nelson Niles Rathbun was born on Jun 19, 1805 in Tioga Co., PA,
                                  USA, died on Jul 7, 1880 in Harley, Brant Co., ON, Can, and was
                                  buried in Harley Cemetery, Brant Co., ON, Can.

                                  See my blog of August 16, 2012 for information on my 3rd
                                  Great-Grandparents Nelson Niles Rathbun and Mercy Ryder. 

          51   F        v.    Emaline Rathbun was born on Sep 21, 1807 in Union, Tioga Co.,
                                  PA, USA. 
           Notes: Marriage: September 10, 1828, Napoli, New York

   Emaline married Erastus Hall, son of ________ _________
   and ________ ________, on Sep 10, 1828 in Napoli, NY, USA.
   Erastus was born on May 24, 1809 in Bloomfield, NY, USA. 

           Notes: He was a natural mechanic being a millwright.
           Biography # 1: Historical Gazetteer and Biographical Memorial of
           Cattaraugus County, New York  (1893) Chapter 44 Page 1055-6 

          52   F       vi.    Irene Rathbun was born on Jan 11, 1810 in Union, Tioga Co., PA,
                                   USA and died in 1847.  

    Irene married Ira Worden, son of _________ _________ and
    ____________ ____________.  

  +      53   M    vii.    Daniel Rathbun was born on Jul 24, 1813 in Milton, Saratoga Co., NY,
                                  USA and died on Mar 5, 1898 in Keeler, Van Buren Co., MI, USA.  

  +      54   M   viii.    Charles Rathbun was born on Feb 19, 1815 in Saratoga Co., NY,
                                  USA and died on Jun 30, 1896 in Blenheim Twp, Oxford Co., ON, Can.  

  +      55   M     ix.    Horace Rathbun was born in 1816 in USA and died in Oct 1874 in
                                  Tyce, Huron Co., MI, USA.  

          56   F        x.    Sarah Jane Rathbun was born on Jun 17, 1818 in Burford, Brant Co.,
                                  ON, Can and died in 1899. 
           Notes: Marriage: October 1845, North Norwich, Ontario, Canada 

   Sarah married Henry Harvey Haight, son of ________ ________
   and ____________ ____________, in Oct 1845 in North Norwich,
   Oxford Co., ON, Can. Henry was born on Oct 30, 1822 in North Norwich,
   Oxford Co., ON, Can and died on Dec 7, 1914 in New Durham, ON, Can. 

           Notes: Genealogy: May 03, 2000, Descendants of James Haight, Sr. 
           by Cheryle Donnelly 

          57   F       xi.    Mary Jane Rathbun was born on Oct 26, 1820 in Burford, Brant Co.,
                                  ON, Can and died on Feb 5, 1891 in Wentworth Co., ON, Can. 
           Notes: Burial: White Church Cemetery, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada

   Mary married George Ferguson Smith, son of ________ _______
   and ____________ ____________. George was born on Feb 11, 1820
   in Glanford, Wentworth Co., ON, Can and died on Mar 3, 1901 in
   Mount Hope, Glanford, Wentworth Co., ON, Can. 

           Notes: Burial: White Church Cemetery, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada

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