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Will of Robert Foote, Yeoman, England - 1608/9

Transcribers: Edward and Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 1 Jun 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/113/164
Testator: Robert Foote, Yeoman
Place: Shalford, Essex, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 27 Jan 1608/09 , probated 15 Feb 1608/09
Condition: 17th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: T[estament] Roberti
[Margin]: Foote

1    In the name of God Amen The Seaven and twentith
2    day of January A Thousand Six hundred and eight I Robert Foote of
3    Shalford in the county of Essex yoman being sick in body and commending my
4    soule to the mercy of god in Christe doe hereby dispose ordayne and make this
5    my present last will and Testament revoking all former wills in manner
6    and forme following That is to say: Item I gyve and bequeath to the poore
7    inhabiting within the parish of Shalford Twenty shillings of lawfull money
8    to be distributed amongst them within one moneth after my death at the
9    discretion of the churchwardens and the Overseers for the poore. Item I
10    further give and bequeath to the poore inhabiting within the parish of Wethers
11    field Twenty shillings of like money to be payd and distributed amongst them
12    in manner as is before expressed for the parish of Shalford Item I give and
13    bequeath unto my welbeloved wife Joan Foote during her natural life all such
14    yearely rent as to me is reserved out of my lease of certain Tenements which
15    I hould for divers yeares yet enduring by the grant of S[i]r Robert Chester knight
16    and lyeing and being in the Towne of Royston The yearely rent whereof to me
17    reserved is at this present eight poundes And she to receive the same yearely
18    from the Te[ne]ments in such manner as by their Leases they stand charged to pay
19    the same Item further I give and bequeath unto my sayd wife one yearely
20    Annuitie of fower poundes of lawfull money to be payd unto her during her natural
21    life by my Sonne Robert Foote Twenty shillings every quarter the first payment
22    to begyne at the first usuall quarter that shall happen after my decease Item
23    I gyve and bequeath to my sonne James Foote fiftie pounds of lawfull money of
24    England To be payd unto him by my Executor hereunder named within one moneth
25    after my decease Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne Danyell Foote forty
26    pounds of lawfull money of England To be payd unto him by my Executor when
27    he shall accomplish the age of fower and Twenty yeares Item I give and
28    bequeath unto my Sonne Nathaniell Foote forty pounds of lawfull money of
29    England to be payd unto him by my Executor when he shall accomplish his age
30    of fower and Twenty yeares Item I give and bequeath to Frauncis Foote
31    my Sonne fortie pounds of lawfull money of England To be payd unto him by
32    my Executor when he shall accomplish his full age of fower and Twenty yeares
33    Item I give and bequeath unto Josua Foote my Sonne Forty poundes of like money
34    money To be payd unto him by my Executor when he shall accomplish his age of
35    fower and Twenty yeares Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth
36    Foote Forty pounds of lawfull money of England To be payd unto her by my
37    Executor at the day of her marriage or when she shall accomplish the age of thirty
38    yeares which of them shall first happen And it is my will and mynde that my
39    Executor shall allow and pay unto her yearely forty shillings of lawfull money
40    untill such tyme as she shall receive the sayd Legacy into her owne possession To be
41    payd unto her every half yeare Provyded always and it is my will and mynde
42    that yf any of my six children before named shall happen to depart this life before
43    such tyme as they shall accomplish their severall ages or day of maryage before
44    expressed That then the legacy or legacies so to them (so departed) before bequea
45    thed shalbe equally and proportionably devided to and amongst all my children
46    which ar that tyme I shall have lyving part and part like Item I give and
47    bequeath unto Joseph Foote my sonne All that my lease and terme of yeares
48    which I have in a certain hopground called Plomley which I hould by lease from
49    Mr Josyas
    [Page 2]
50    Mr Josyas Clarke and [missing] his wife for certayne yeares yet enduring and to
51    come Together with all my Stock of hop poles being upon the same to inioy the same as
52    his owne proper goodes And further I gyve unto him Two hundred and a half of my
53    other hop poles which I have at home Item I gyve and bequeath unto my welbeloved
54    wife out of my moveable goodes and houshould stuff such part and portion as hereafter
55    is particularly recited That is to say Item my best bedsteed my best fetherbedd and
56    bolster two of my best pillows the best blanket and covering and fower payre of my
57    best sheetes with two of my best pillow beeres Two Table clothes and a dozen of
58    napkins Two Towells my best presse cupboard in the parlor with my best table but
59    one One forme and three stooles Six greate Cushions Item three pewter platters
60    three pewter dishes fower pewter saucers fower pewter porringers and one pewter
61    salt Item two sylver spoones and six brasse spoones Item my best chest Item further
62    I gyve and bequeath unto my sayd wife To be delivered unto her by my Executors fower
63    loades of wood yearely for so long tyme as she shall inhabit in my dwelling house To be
64    delivered her out of my stock of wood in my yard and from of the ground belonging to my
65    tenement or dwelling house and there to be expended and not elswhere Item I give
66    and bequeath to Elizabeth Ormes my mayd servant Twenty shillings of lawfull
67    money To be payd unto her within two moneths after my decease Item I give and
68    bequeath to [missing] Tibbet the wife of William Tibbet five shillings in recompence
69    of her paynes she hath taken with me Item I give and bequeath unto Mr Richard
70    Rogers preacher of God hys word Twenty shillings of lawfull money to be payd by
71    my Executor within two moneths after my death Item I give to the wife of
72    George Elsing three shillings and fower pence Item I give and bequeath to Thomas
73    Cott eleven shillings which somme he oweth unto me Item I give and bequeathe
74    unto Robert Foote my sonne and unto his heires and Assignes for ever All that my
75    free Tenement or mansion house wherein I now inhabite with thapurten[an]ces together
76    with all the land belonging to the same and as the same is now in my occupation with
77    all my stock of hop poles being upon any of the hopgrounds of the premises as well
78    newe poles as ould Provyded always and nevertheless upon this condition That
79    yf he the sayd Robert Footes his heyres Executors and Administrators doe not
80    according to the confidence and trust that I have reposed in him performe pay
81    and discharge all such legacies payments and bequests as I have geven and
82    bequeathed in this my last will and Testament either to my wife or children
83    or to any other Then my will and mynde is that such (being either my wife or
84    any of my children as shall not be answered and payd such legacy or legacies as I
85    have hereby bequeathed unto them) shall enter upon the premises with the
86    hop grounds and this stock upon the same until such tyme as they and every of them
87    shalbe satisfied their legacy or the acrerages of any such shalbe unpaid The
88    residue of all my moveable goodes and Chattles whatsoever my debt payd and
89    my legacies performed and my body decently brought unto the earth I doe give
90    and bequeath to and amongst all my children aswell unto them before named as unto
91    any other of my children that shalbe lyving at the tyme of the giving of the
92    Accompt concerning this my will to be payd to them part and portion alike That
93    is to say To such of my children as hereinbefore I have given legacies unto at
94    such tyme and dayes as is before expressed and sett downe And for the rest of
95    my children to be payd within six monethes after my decease And yf it happen
96    my daughter Mary Hewes to be departed Then her part to be payd to her
97    children. And for the Execution of this my last Will and Testament I doe
98    ordayne nominate and appoint my welbeloved sonne Robert Foote to be my sole
99    Executor And I doe desire my welbeloved brother John Foote of London grocer
100    and my sonne in law John Hewes of Royston to be Supervisors and Assistants
101    to my Executor concerning this my Testament In witness whereof I the sayd
102    Robert Foote
    [Page 3]
103    Robert Foote thelder have hereunto sett my hand and seale the day and yeare
104    herein first written, and in the presence of those whose names be hereunto subscribed
105    By me Robert Foote Sealed and delivered in the presence of William Tibbed
106    and of me Edward Raymond The marke of William Tibbett
107    Probatum fuit suprascriptum Testamentum coram venerabili viro
108    magistro Thomas Edwardes legum doctore Surrogato venerabilis viri domino
109    Johanne Benet militis legum etiam doctoris curie Prerogativae Cantuariensis
110    magistro custodis sive commissarij legitime constituti decimo quinto die
111    mensis Februarij Anno domini inxta cursum et computationem ecclesie Anglicane
112    Millesimo Sexcentesimo Octavo juramento Roberti Foote filij dicti defuncti
113    et Executoris in dicto Testamento nominate cui commissa fuit administratio
114    bonorum jurium et creditorium dicti defuncti de bene et fideliter administrand
115    eadem Ad sancta dei Evangelia Jurat

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