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Quebec Land Books; Lord Dorchester’s Proclamation

Documents relating to the granting of lands to Loyalists in the Province of Quebec (includes present day Quebec and Ontario).

Transcriber: Edward Kipp
January 2011
Source: Library and Archives Canada

RG1 L1 Vol. 18. LAC mf C-100. PP. 106-110.  Quebec Land Books;  Lord Dorchester’s Proclamation;  [Half way through the microfilm reel, Quebec Land Book starts Feb 1787-Dec 1791.]  [Council Chambers Quebec and the granting of lands to Sons and Daughters of UE Loyalists and Mark of Honour – Unity of the Empire]

Council Chambers, Quebec City

Monday 9th November 1789
[First page of minutes for November 9, 1789]

His Excellency The Right Honourable Lord Dorchester
The Honourable William Smith Esquire Chief Justice

Hugh Finlay                                    William Grant
Thomas Dunn                                  Francis Baby
Edward Harrison                             Henry Caldwell
John Collins                                    Charles De La Naudiere
Adam Mabane                                         and
J G C Delery                                   Le Cte Dupré            Esquires
George Pownall

[Last page of minutes for November 9, 1789]
Sons and Daughters of UE Loyalists

His Lordship intimated to the Council, that it remained a question, upon the late regulation for the disposition of the waste lands of the Crown, whether the Boards constituted for that purpose, were authorized to make locations to the Sons of Loyalists, on their coming to full age; and that it was his wish to put a mark of honour upon the families who had adhered to the Unity of the Empire, and joined the Royal Standard in America before the Treaty of Separation in the year 1783.

The Council concurring with his Lordship it is accordingly ordered that the several Land Boards take course for preserving a Registry of the names of all person falling under the description aforementioned, to the end that this posterity may be discriminated from future Settlers, in the Parish Registers and Rolls of the Militia of their respective Districts and other public Remembrances of the Province, as proper objects, by their persevering in the fidelity and conduct so honorable to their Ancestors, for distinguished benefits and privileges.

And it is also ordered, that the said Land Boards may, in every such case, provide not only for the Sons of those Loyalists as they arrive to full age, but for their Daughters also, of that age, or on their marriage, assigning to each a Lot of two hundred Acres more or less, provided nevertheless that they respectively comply with the general regulations, and that it shall satisfactorily appear that there has been no default in the due cultivation and improvement of the Lands already assigned to the head of the family of which they are members.


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