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David Hotrum (cir 1789-bef 1871) - a 3X Great Grandfather

David Hotrum (cir 1789-bef 1871)

David Hotrum, one of my 3 x great grandfathers was born cir 1789 in Morris County, New Jersey. Died before 1871, Ontario, Canada.

He married Mary Baker Smith March 18, 1812 in Upper Canada.

1. Edward Kipp
2. Phyllis Margaret Link (b November 19, 1906) - Carievale, Saskatchewan
3. Horace Lorenzo Link (b June 26, 1877) - Woodbury, Burford Twp., Brant County, Ontario Canada
4. Mercy Ann Rathbun (b July 13, 1856) - Burford, Brant County, Canada West (m William Henry Link)
5. Eliza Jane Hotrum (b Feb. 22, 1831) - Upper Canada (m Horace Rathbun)
6. David Hotrum (b cir 1789) - Morris County, New Jersey (m Mary Baker Smith)
7. Conrad Hotrum/Hotterham (b bef 1765) - probably New Jersey but perhaps Germany (m Catherina Jons)

According to the Upper Canada Land Petition of David Hotrum, the Hotrum family was in Upper Canada by 1793.  The petition provides his birth year and that he was born in Morris County, New Jersey.

In considering David's father Conrad, his Land Petition gives his surname as Hotterham.
A later petition of David Kern tells us that Conrad died before Dec. 2, 1802.

The Hotrum family probably traveled overland by wagon in New Jersey, to the Hudson River, and then New York, where they took shipping on a boat up the Hudson River to Albany. They probably went overland from Albany by wagon to Schenectady, where they would have taken shipping on a boat along the Mohawk River. They would have proceeded by boat to the Carrying Place near Fort Stanwix, crossed along Wood Creek to Oneida Lake and then across the lake to Oswego on Lake Ontario. Here they would have hired another boat to take them to the Niagara River or further west to  Barton Township. This trip would have taken them about 6 weeks.

They received land in Barton Township, which early on became part of Hamilton in the County of Wentworth.
They also appear in various records of Glanford Township.

Eliza Jane Hotrum  (m Horace Rathbun)
Family Bible: In possession of Edward Kipp, Ottawa, Ontario

Census of Canada 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911.

House on the Burford Twp., townline lot 12 between the 5th and 6th: GPS N 43.11070  W -80.50050
Torn down between 2000 and 2010 to make way for a Ginsing farm. I have photos of the house.

Find A Grave Memorial # 49971487.
Burford Congregational Cemetery, Burford, Ontario.  Tombstone N 43.10170 W-80.42735

David Hotrum (m Mary Baker Smith)
Rootsweb World Connect: Craig Rice
Rootsweb World Connect: Ron Cox

Barton Township, Ontario, former name for a portion of Hamilton, Ontario.

Arrived in Upper Canada with his father in 1793.
Received land Dec. 7, 1811, Lot 18 Con. 8, Barton Twp., Upper Canada.
Received land June 23, 1814, Lot 19, Con. 8, Barton Twp., Upper Canada.
Glanford Twp. Wentworth County Assessment 1818.
Received land Nov. 12, 1822, NE half of Lot 14, Con. 5, Caledon Twp., York Co., Home District, Upper Canada.

LAC mf # MS-700 Reel 1. Dist. 10. Glanford Twp. Census 1825 (Hobrun?) Hotrum David: M 0-16 1;  M16+ 1; F 0-16 5; F 16+ 0 ?

Glanford Twp. Wentworth County Census 1842.

Upper Canada Land Petitions, Library and Archives Canada, C-2047, RG 1, L 3, Vol. 227. Petitions  H. Bundle 11. Starts p. 245. No. 13. P. 325-28. David Hotrum, Twp. of Barton, District of Niagara, born Morris County, New Jersey, age 22 and has resided in the Province 16 years. Dated York March 18, 1812.

Upper Canada: War of 1812 Losses Claims. RG 19 E 5 (a) Vol 3746 File 1. LAC mf T-1129. P. 1404-1408. David Hotrum. Claim #425. Dated September 12, 1815.

Joined church April 8, 1832, Old Barton, Mohawk St. W., Hamilton, Upper Canada.

1851 Census of Canada. Canada West, Wentworth 41. Barton. Sub-dist. 391. P. 43, LAC mf C-11758.

Conrad Hotrum/Hotterham (m Catherina Jons)
Family name spelled Hatterim, Hartram, Hatrum, Haderim, Hotherham. Hatrum. Hartrum. Hotterham.
Maybe: Birth 28 Jan 1763 in Salz-Solden, Schluechtern, Hessen-Nassau, Preussen, Germany?

Married: June 10, 1784, Zion Lutheran Church, New Germantown (Oldwick), Hunterdon Co., New Jersey.

Moved to Canada about 1793.

Barton Township, Ontario, former name for a portion of Hamilton, Ontario

Upper Canada Land Petitions, Library and Archives Canada, C-2042, RG 1, L 3, Vol. 222a, File H (Starts p. 877). Bundle 1. No.10. Petition of Conrad Hotterham, lot 10, Con. 8. Barton Twp. P. 900/901. Aug. 13/14, 1795.

Received land May 24, 1798, Lot 7 Con. 6 & Lot 17 Con. 8, Barton Twp., Upper Canada

Upper Canada Land Petitions, Library and Archives Canada, C-2117, RG 1, L 3, Vol. 269, File K Bundle 6. No. 4. (Starts p. 320). P. 333-335. David Kern, petitions for land previously occupied by Conrad Hotram, deceased. Dated York Dec. 6, 1802. Lot 17 Con. 8. Barton Twp.

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Rootsweb World Connect: Ron Cox

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