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Mary Beamer (Cir 1770 - Bef 1851) - a 3 x Great-grandmother

Mary Beamer (Cir 1770 - Bef 1851)

Mary Beamer, one of my 3 x great grandmothers was born cir 1770 in New Jersey. Died before 1851 in Canada West.

Mary Beamer married Noah Force about 1787, Sussex County, New Jersey.

1. Edward Kipp
2. Lorne Bernice Kipp (b Sept. 3, 1901) - Gobles, Oxford Co. ON, Canada
3. William Henry Kipp (b Oct. 1, 1862) - Burford Twp, Brant Co., Canada West
4. Elizabeth Force (b Mar. 19, 1818) - Burford Twp, Brant Co., Upper Canada (m Benjamin Kipp)
5. Resiah Force (b Feb. 12, 1788) - Sussex County, New Jersey (m Elizabeth Schramm)
6. Mary Beamer (b cir 1770) - Sussex County, New Jersey (m Noah Force)
7. Henry Beamer (b cir 1730) - Netherlands (m Lena Blenkenberg)

The Beamer family probably traveled overland by wagon in New Jersey, to the Hudson River, and then New York, where they took shipping on a boat up the Hudson River to Albany. They probably went overland from Albany by wagon to Schenectady, where they would have taken shipping on a boat along the Mohawk River. They would have proceeded by boat to the Carrying Place near Fort Stanwix, crossed along Wood Creek to Oneida Lake and then across the lake to Oswego on Lake Ontario. Here they would have hired another boat to take them to the Niagara River or further west to where the Beamers were settled near 20 mile Creek, west of present day St. Catharines. This trip would have taken them about 6 weeks.

For documentation on Henry Beamer see my blog posting on Henry.
I do not have a lot of source information on Mary.

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