Saturday, January 16, 2016

Guillaume de La Brunetière

Guillaume de La Brunetière was Bishop of Saintes about the time that my 7th great-grandfather Jean Perlier was being persecuted as a protestant.

Jean Perlier (cir 1640, La Tremblade, Charente-Maritime, France - After 1700 probably in France or on a King's Galley)

Bishop Guillaume de La Brunetière du Plessis-Gesté (born Nov 24, 1630, died May 2, 1702).  De la Brunetière earned his DD degree from the University of Paris. For 16 years, he was Vicar General at Paris before becoming Bishop of Saintes on November 30, 1677.  His hymns appeared in the Paris Breviary (1680 & 1736), the Cluniac Breviary (1686), and other French breviaries. In the Paris Breviary of 1736, his hymns are signed "G. Ep. S." (Guillaume, Bishop of Saintes).

A not very flattering portrait of Guillaume is found at

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