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Hannah Meed (Mead) one of my 2x Great Grandmothers

Hannah Meed (Mead) one of my 2x Great Grandmothers

Edward Kipp

Hannah Meed (Aug. 11, 1770 - Mar. 24, 1859) my 2 x Great grandmother
m. Isaac Kipp on August 29, 1790, probably Nine Partners Patent, North East, Dutchess County, New York.

The family story is that Isaac Kipp (Nov. 1, 1764 - Aug. 6, 1846 - family bible) (the elder), my gg grandfather, came from Dutchess County, New York.  He settled in Upper Canada in October 1800.  He may have come to Upper Canada because of the offer of land made by Governor Simcoe in the early 1790's, as did many prominent people such as Thomas Hornor, who founded Blenheim Township, Oxford County, Ontario in 1793.  He may also have known about Hornor's Governor's Road Settlement (Princeton, Ontario) if he was from N.Y. State, since Hornor was from the area of Princeton, N.J.  The Hornor family was Quaker and had connections with Long Island families.

The 1851 Census of Canada West, East Oxford Township, Oxford County has listings for two of his sons, Isaac and David.  Isaac said he was born in N.Y. State.  David said he was born in the U.S.A.  Isaac the elder and three of his older children Jonathan, James and John were dead by then so they are not on the Census.

The 1790 Census of the United States has an Isaac Kipp and wife (no children) living in Northeast, Dutchess County, N.Y.  They were living next to Jonathan Meed and family.  There is no Isaac Kipp and family there in the 1800 Census.  There were many Quaker families in this area.

The 1800 Census of the United States has an Isaac Kipp and wife living in Rensselaerville, Albany County, N.Y.  They have children: 3 males to 10 and 1 male 10 to 20.  If this is my family, there is one son missing.

It is possible that Isaac and Hannah moved from Dutchess County sometime after 1790, crossed the Hudson River by ferry, stopped in Albany County near Rensselaerville and were recorded in 1800 US Census and then proceeded across New York State by established routes to cross the Niagara River and then proceeded across Upper Canada to Oxford County.  They could also have taken a lake boat and landed along Lake Erie and proceeded inland to Oxford County.

Hannah Meed
Hannah Meed was living with her youngest son Daniel in Burford Township, Brant County, Ontario in the 1851 Census for Canada West.  She indicated she was born in the U.S.A.

The family bible indicates that Isaac Kipp and Hannah Meed were married August 29, 1790.  This Bible was the property of the Richard Titus Kipp family (a son of Hannah and Isaac).

If they did come from Dutchess County, Northeast Town, there are several Mead families listed in the early records.  In the 1790 Census, Nathaniel Mead is four above and his brother Jonathan Mead is next to Isaac Kipp on the Census list.

The original Mead family history is History and Genealogy of the Mead Family of Fairfield County, Connecticut, Eastern New York, Western Vermont and Western Pennsylvania from A.D. 1180 to 1900, by Spencer P. Mead, 1901.  There is a later book written by Lucius Egbert Weaver, which was a supplement to the book by Spencer Mead, Genealogy of a Branch of the Mead Family, with a history of the family in England and in America and appendixes of the Rogers and Denton families, by Lucius Egbert Weaver. Rochester. NY. 1917. P.  23. (Internet Archive).  In his book, Weaver indicates that Jonathan (b cir 1745 married Ruth _____) had eight children including one daughter “Anna.”  Some of the names of the children tended to be nicknames so there is a possibility that Anna is Hannah.

The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, by Frank Doherty lists what appears to be the same Jonathan Mead (b cir 1736 and married to Sarah (Alling) Thompson.  The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Vol.1-8 (Online database:, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2013), (Orig. Pub. by Frank J. Doherty, Pleasant Valley, NY.)  Vol. 8. pp. 697-738.  Doherty lists nine children all of whom are mentioned in Jonathan's will.  Hannah is not mentioned.  However, there is a break between John b. 1765 (married to Rhoda Titus) and Samuel b. 1774, of 9 years.  Hannah could fit into this time slot.

Jonathan’s brother Nathaniel Mead’s eighth child, a son, was named Richard Titus (b 1787).  Nathaniel was born in 1750 and married first Hannah Lamb born Feb. 1, 1753 daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Dillis) Lamb.  We do not have a marriage date for this couple but they could have married as early as 1770.

Hannah and Isaac Kipp named their first son born in Upper Canada in 1808 Richard Titus Kipp (their ninth child).  Note that there are two references to the Titus surname in the families of Jonathan and Nathaniel.

There is much confusion about the various Jonathan Meads in published books and on the internet.  While some circumstantial evidence is provided above, proof is still required as to who is the father of Hannah Meed born Aug. 11, 1770.

1. Edward Kipp
2. Lorne Bernice Kipp (b Sept. 3, 1901) - Gobles, Oxford Co. ON, Canada (m Phyllis Link)
3. William Henry Kipp (b Oct. 1, 1862) - Burford Twp, Brant Co., Canada West (m Ida Caroline W Schultz)
4. Benjamin Kipp (b Mar. 26, 1811) - Burford Twp, Brant Co., Upper Canada (m Elizabeth Force)
5. Hannah Meed (b Aug. 11, 1770) - New York (m Isaac Kipp)
6. Jonathan Mead (cir 1736) – Milan, Dutchess Co., NY (m Sarah Thompson)

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