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Dutch Records at the New York State Archives relating to Hendrick Hendricksen [Kip]

Dutch Records at the New York State Archives.

The New York Researcher, V. 27, N. 3. Pgs. 56-60. Fall 2016.

Article by James D. Folts. And Monica Gray

New Netherland Institute website:

Vol. 1 Register of the Provincial Secretary 1638-1642
[134] Continuation of the list of goods delivered by sundry persons to skipper Cornelis Pietersen. By Wynant Pietersen, storekeeper, delivered to divers person in cash and goods. June 27, 1639.
There is a Hendrick Hendricksz from Doesburch  [Doesburg] fl. 16:10: -. Mentioned in this list.
Is this person our Hendrick?

Vol. 4 Council Minutes 1638-1649.
First mention of Hendrick Kip in the Dutch Records of New Amsterdam

[160] On the 19th of February, being Thursday anno 1643
Hans Nelissen, plaintiff, vs. Evert Jansen, defendant. Plaintiff demands restitution of certain cloth which the plaintiff gave to the defendant to make a suit of and which in the absence of the defendant was stolen from his house. Hendrick Kip and Gillis de Voocht are invited by the honorable director general and council to settle the matter between Hans Nelissen and Evert Jansen.

[173] On Thursday, the 9th of July 1643.
Abraham Jaoobsz from Steenwyck, plaintiff, vs. Anna Gerrits, defendant. Demands payment of what remains due to his wife from her father's estate, as entered on the books of the orphan chamber.
Andries Hudde and Hendrick Kip are requested to hear the demand and answer of the parties and If possible to get them to agree; If not, to give their opinion in writing.

[200] On September 1, 1644
Willem de Key, plaintiff, vs. Hendrick Kip's wife, for slander. 1st default.

[201] September 8, 1644
Willem de Key, plaintiff, vs. the wife of Philip Gerritsz and Hendric Kip. Ordered that plaintiff shall produce his witnesses on the next court day.

[202] September 15, 1644
Willem de Key, plaintiff, vs. Hendrick Kip's wife, defendant. Ordered that the defendant be furnished with copies of the complaint and the affidavits.

[203] September 29, 1644
Willem de Key, plaintiff, vs. Hendrick Kip, defendant. Plaintiff's demand and the affidavits having been examined, it is order that next Thursday Hendrick Kip's wife shall acknowledge in court that what she said to the prejudice of the plaintiff is untrue, and she is forbidden to commit such an offense again, on pain of severer punishment.

[232] August 30, 1645
Whereas there is a fair promise of obtaining a firm and durable peace with the Indians, it is resolved and concluded in council in Fort Amsterdam to order Philip de Truy, the court messenger, to notify the burghers all around to come to the fort when the flag shall be hoisted and the bell rung and there to hear the terms which shall be agreed upon and, if any one should have any good advice to offer, freely to express his opinion.
Philip de Truy, court messenger, having been ordered to notify the burghers pursuant to the foregoing resolution, appears and reports that he served on all the burghers round about on the Manhatans, from the highest to the lowest, no one excepted, the order which he received from the director and council to appear in the fort and to hear the terms of peace and to be pleased to offer to the aforesaid director and council their good advice in the matter. He, the court messenger, says that all the burghers gave them their kind attention and a favorable answer, except one Hendrick Kip, tailor.

[253] May 3, 1646
Everardus Bogardus appeared in court and produced interrogatories on which Jacob Wolphersen and Hendrick Kip are to be examined. They request time. Ordered here that they shall answer yes or no next Tuesday, at ten o'clock.

The fiscal, plaintiff, vs. the wife of Hendrick Kip, defendant, alleging that said Kip's wife said that the honorable director and council were false Judges and that the honorable fiscal was a false fiscal.

Hendrick Kip appearing with his wife makes answer that his wife received such a shock at the time that Maryn Andriaensen attempted to murder the honorable director in his room that she has never been well since and that, when she experiences the least excitement, the woman does not know what she is doing. The wife of Hendrick Kip declares that she never said that the honorable director and council were false Judges, or that the fiscal was a false fiscal.

The plaintiff’s complaint and the answer of the defendant and her husband being heard, the defendant is ordered to prove that she has not said anything to the detriment of the honorable director and council or the fiscal. The fiscal is ordered to prove his charges on the next court day, or to compound with his opponent.

[334] Ordinance establishing a board of Nine Men
September 20, 1647

Petrus Stuyvesant, on behalf of the High and Mighty Lords the States General, his Serene Highness the Prince of Orange, and the honorable directors of the General Chartered West India Company of the United Netherlands, director general of New Netherland and the Curacao islands, captain and commander in chief of the said Company’s ships and yachts in these northern part of America; together with the honorable council;

To all those who shall see or hear these presents read, Greeting!

Whereas in accordance with our commission and general instructions we have no other aim, wish or desire but that this province of New Netherland entrusted to us and especially this our capital and residence of New Amsterdam may grow and increase in good order, justice, government, population, prosperity and mutual peace and improvement, and be provided with and aided In the upkeep of a strong and substantial fort, a school, church, sheet piling, pier and similar highly necessary public works and common buildings, whereto we according to the instructions given to us are ordered to solicit the cooperation of the commonalty, as this tends mostly to their own welfare and protection and is customary in all well administered government, colonies and places; yet, we are disinclined by virtue of our granted commission and instructions to burden and oppress the good and peaceable commonalty, our dear vassals and subjects by means of exactions, imposts and intolerable taxes, but wish in the most reasonable manner to request their consent thereto and to induce them to lend a helping hand in undertaking such honorable and most necessary works. And whereas it is difficult to bring so many heads under one capuche, or to reduce so many votes to one voice, we have, with the advice of our council, heretofore proposed and submitted to the commonalty that they, without passion, hatred or envy, select a double number of nine persons from the most notable, most reasonable, most honorable and most prominent of our subjects, in order that from them a single number of nine persons may be chosen and appointed as Selectmen to confer with us and our council about such consent and assistance and to the best of their knowledge and information to help forward and promote the welfare of the commonalty as well as of the commonwealth. For which purpose then, a double number having on the day aforesaid been selected by the good commonalty, our dear subjects, the following are chosen therefrom by us and our council, to wit:
From the merchants — Augustyn Heerman, Amoldus van Hardenberch and Govert Loockemans;
From the burghers — Jan Jansz Damen, Jacob Wolphertsz and Hendrick Kip;
From the farmers — Machiel Jansz, Jan Evertsen Bout and Tomas Hall.

Volume GG-HH-II Land Papers

GG 57 Patent to Hendrick Hendricksz Kip
We, Willem Kieft, etc... have conceded and granted to Hendrick Hendricksz Kip a lot located east of the fort in length 7 rods, one foot, 4 inches and 9 grains, and 2 inches on Willem Heyl's side; a point of land one rod, one foot, one grain, further 3 rods; behind in breadth 6 rods,
5 feet, 4 inches, 9 grains; containing altogether in an uneven square 44 rods, 4 feet, 6 inches, 9 grains; with the express condition and stipulation etc...
Done in Fort Amsterdam 28 April 1643, New Netherland.

Volume 2 Register of Provincial Secretary 1642-1647

2nd mention of Hendrick Hendricksen Kip [Kyp]
Settlement by Geertruyt Jacobs, widow of Gerrit van Vorst, on her children of their portion of their father's estate

In the year of our Lord [and Savior Jesus Christ, one] thousand six hundred and forty-three, [on the 16th] day of April, before me, [Cornelis van] Tienhoven, secretary in New Netherland, residing in Fort Amsterdam, appeared Geertruy[t] Jacobs from Emmenes, widow of the late Gerrit van Vorst, with Oloff Stevensen, commissary of the store, and Hendric Kip, tailor, both residents here, her chosen guardians in this case, who declared that she intended to enter into the holy state of matrimony with Rouloff Jansen from Norway, for which reason she promised, as she does hereby, to pay to both her minor children, Jan Gerritsen and Jacob Gerritsen van Vorst, for their patrimonial estate, when they shall have attained their majority, to each the sum of seventy-five guilders; and if it should happen that one of the two children died before reaching his majority, it is expressly stipulated that she, Geertruyt, and he, Rouloff Jansen, shall pay to the survivor as his paternal inheritance a double portion, being one hundred and fifty Carolus guilders, provided that she, Geertruyt Jacobs, the present bride, and Rouloff Jansen, the present bridegroom, shall have the use of the aforesaid money without interest until the above named children are of full age. They, the bride and bridegroom, also promise to bring up the children, keeping their capital safe and not touching more than the interest; furthermore, that they will rear the children decently, send them to school and have them taught reading, writing and a good trade, as decent and God-fearing and honest parent are bound to do, but all according to their means and no more, doing what [51c (2)] they may expect to justify before God and honest men. They Geertruyt Jacobs and Rouloff Jansen, promise to perform and fulfil this in whole or in part, without any exception which may in any wise contravene this, all without fraud, for which they bind their persons and properties, present and future, without any exception, subjecting and submitting the same to the Provincial Court of Holland and to all other courts, tribunals and judges. In witness whereof this is signed by Geertruyt Jacobs, Rouloff Jansen, and her chosen guardians, and by me, the secretary, in the record. Done in Fort Amsterdam in New Netherland the day and year above written.

Gerttruit Jacop from Emmenis
Rolof Jansen Haes
Hendrick Hendricksen Kyp
Oloff Stevensen

Acknowledged before me,
Cornelis van Tienh., Secretary

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