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Where does Chauncey Kipp fit into the Canadian Kipp Families?

Where does Chauncey Kipp fit into the Canadian Kipp Families?

In my years of research on the Kipp families in Ontario, I came to realize there were at least two Kipp families in Southern Ontario.

One of these was my family, the descendants of Isaac Kipp and Hannah Meed (Mead), who generally lived in the area of Blenheim, Blandford, East Oxford and Burford Townships.

The other family, descendants of John (James) Kipp and Lydia McPherson, I call the Tillsonburg Kipp Family.  In general they lived in the southern part of Oxford County in the Dereham Township area and in areas further west such as Middlesex and Elgin Counties.

After doing some DNA testing, we determined that the two families are related.  The problem is the furthest back ancestor we can identify in each family comes to a dead end in the paper trail in New York State.  Both families are related to the Kip/Kipp family of New Amsterdam (New York) (determined through DNA testing).

The Tillsonburg Kipp family can be traced back to John (James) Kipp (cir 1770-cir 1828) and Lydia McPherson (cir 1774-?).  Of their children, there are two of interest.

Henry Kipp (cir 1800 - ?), married Rachel Ann Wintermute (1794-?), on June 23, 1827 at Queenston, Upper Canada.  One of their children was Chauncey Kipp (1828-1876) (1861 & 1871 Census of Canada), who married Lucinda Thompson (1837-1912) cir. 1855.  Resided in Middlesex County, Ontario.

William Kipp (1790-1856), married Rachel Mann (1794-1857) cir 1818, probably in Upper Canada.  They had a son named Chauncey Kipp (1834-1918) (1851 Census of Canada), who married Sara Jane Laur (1840-1918) on Dec. 10, 1859.

Family of Isaac Kipp and Hannah Meed
They had a son named Jonathan Kipp (cir. 1792-1831), who married Roda or Rhoda Chausey (cir. 1795-?), cir. 1818.  I have only found one child for them named Sylvanus Kipp (1819-1889), who married Lorena Bush (1820-?) on May 13, 1842 at Woodstock, Canada West.  They do not seem to have had a son named Chauncey.

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