Tuesday, June 15, 2021

First Project

The first project is to extract all the Link material (artifacts) and give them to Edward's half cousin. We begin that process today now that we have found the Rathbun Bible. I still need the inserts that I believe were in that Bible but I can always mail them later so will not worry about finding them. There are homesteading pictures which Edward had mended and a number of other items which can be put together into this trunk that we have to get to his cousin except the archival box is too large for the trunk. The trunk was too big for everything anyway and probably better not to have used it for the Link material.

That trunk is going to Salvation Army filled with CDs that I am eliminating from the collection. Along with a couple of bags of household items as I move forward with downsizing the trunk will be full and enjoyed by someone else eventually I suspect. 

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