Sunday, June 20, 2021

Link Family artifacts

Unless I find more items, the Link Family artifacts have found a new researcher to expand and manage that Family line for Edward. His parent's surnames were Kipp and Link and then one generation back Kipp, Schultz and Link, Allen. 

There is an active Allen family research group and I may ask if they would like the Allen material that Edward accumulated. They were a United Empire Loyalist family arriving in the Maritimes at the end of the American Revolution and settling in New Brunswick. They arrived in Ontario later in the 1800s. 

I have a lot of Kipp material that pertains to the Kipp Family book that Edward published. I have asked Library and Archives Canada if they wish to have the picture collection and I need to prepare that submission. The Kipp family were settlers from Dutchess County arriving in Ontario in 1800 from there some members went west and were early settlers in Chilliwack BC. 

A lot of work to do and there are still about 30 boxes of Ed's research for me to work on. I will not do any new research as it is over ten years since I helped him so I am not in touch with his last decade of work. I am a custodian and will pass it on to other researchers in his family lines via this blog. 

The Schultz material I will pass to his Schultz cousins as time passes. 

I will maintain his DNA work as I did that mostly for him. Eventually I will pass that on as well but for the moment I will keep analyzing new matches and adding them to his records. 

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