Thursday, July 22, 2021

Edward's Genealogy Library

Edward's Genealogy Library is now passed to the Ontario Genealogical Society Ottawa Branch. It will take a while to incorporate these books into their library at the City of Ottawa Archives. Initially I had thought I would first offer them to Library and Archives Canada but they do tend to prefer Canadian material in their collection which is understandable being the National Library. Although some of his books fitted into that category I did not want to break up the collection so I did not pass the list to them to look at after all. However, I will put together all of the Kipp family material that he has collected of Canadian origin so that I can offer that to them and give it a permanent home. He has a lot of pictures of the Kipp families who went west and were amongst the first settlers in many regions of western Canada. He also published a genealogy of this family which is already in Library and Archives Canada. I would make it free and open access with no limitations so that another keen Kipp researcher can also make full use of all of his material. That will take me a bit of time to put that all together but I may put it at the front of my agenda once I am into doing that work. First we need to organize the house so that I can get back into research eight hours per day. We were both doing about six to eight hours of our own research each day broken up into various working periods through the day along with all of our exercise before COVID-19 struck.


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