Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Kipp DNA project

Edward managed his Kipp DNA project and it was very rewarding for him in that it proved his line back to the emigrant Kip line of New York that arrived in the 1630s in what was then New Amsterdam in New Holland from Amsterdam, Holland (The Netherlands). I really did not have a lot to do with his project and now I need to figure out what to do with that project. Last December perhaps it was he mentioned that he had had an email from a Kipp who lived in Paris, Ontario interested in the DNA so perhaps I shall contact him to see whether he would like to take over the project.  I did do the organizing of the data into groups and have helped him with the Family Finder results which is rather lucky probably. But passing it on to another Kipp enthusiast is perhaps the best way to handle that project. Our daughters will not pass on the yDNA so it ends with him in terms of his father's line. His cousins have sons so they will continue the line and have done so although I do not actually know any of them that well. We moved to Ottawa 46 years ago and our trips back although frequent were strictly to close family most of the time and that was mostly grandparents although we did see our siblings most of the time as well. 

However, I will mention it on this blog in case there is someone who is really keen to get involved as having more than one person on a project is a really good idea. 

The exciting part of the yDNA project for Edward was proving his line back to the New York Kip family and then he managed to take it back to The Netherlands and the area where this family lived before living in Amsterdam. There are other Kipp families in North America and they descend from the German Kipp line that emigrated to the United States in the 1740s. 

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