Saturday, October 30, 2021

Kipp Newsletter

I am seriously considering creating a Kipp Newsletter for distribution to the Kipp yDNA Study. I would start the Newsletter but will be looking for someone to take over this study in the near future. Although I have mostly maintained it through the years, I have quite a bit of material of my own family lines to work through. I do not intend to do any new research on the Kipp family but one of my daughters may consider that in the future. I will write to the Kipp member that my husband asked me to write to early in this year. I just found I could not sit down and organize my thoughts in the short periods of time when I was not busy with Edward in those last few months of his life. He was not going to offer any input so I put it on hold and it has remained there until now as I begin to think once again about how to handle the personal research that my husband has done through his 50+ years of genealogical research. He has accumulated a lot of material and I need to sort through all of that and find permanent homes for it that would be accessible to people. There remain about 35 to 40 boxes for me to work on (some large and some small). I have an inventory on some of them but mostly they are into family lines which will be helpful. All of the pictures are scanned to the best of my knowledge and I will ensure that that is the case before I give any of it away.

It is a massive task and I must get started at it in December. At least I now have a start date! As my own research is starting to flow once again I am better able to establish a working day that permits me to work on my studies and the publication of his material and then assignment of the original material to an Archive or family member. He actually preferred that I give it all to family members but in some cases he has accumulated a vast number of original images that are pertinent to early families in particular areas of Canada and I think that I should put these into an Archive - I will investigate that with Library and Archives Canada and take their opinion on whether to move to smaller archives in the area in which the material is especially pertinent. 

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