Saturday, November 13, 2021

Working on the Kipp family material

I thought I might get to one of the boxes of Edward's research for his Kipp families and others this past week but the leaves took all my time and energy. Plus I cleaned the basement and so the time passes by quickly. 

I need to write the couple of letters with regard to all the old images since they are all scanned and we are interested in the scanned images only. I gave all the originals for my families to my younger sister as they are then accessible to everyone there. Mostly my family does collect there and it was just practical and I really do not want to be the holder of family original material although I do still have some but will eventually give it all to my younger sister. Her family tree is about ten times the size of mine as that is more her interest - building the family tree. My interest lies more in a search through the records for our family line as it moves backwards. That also includes the maintenance of the large DNA database of matches. 

I may now take over Edward's DNA work until my older daughter retires. He managed his in a different way but will probably convert it over to my method as it involves fewer letters to people and less maintenance in the long run. He liked emailing back and forth with his relatives but I found it was eating into my research time and did not get involved with it to any large degree.


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