Thursday, December 30, 2021

Continuing thought on the Kipp Newsletter

 The Kipp Newsletter is mulling around in my brain as I think about sections that I could add on the yDNA. There are two distinct migrations into the now United States with the Kip family arriving in the 1630s from Amsterdam and coming to what was then New Amsterdam and now New York and the second group coming from Germany and their surname was mostly spelled Kipp. Over time the surname Kipp dominated for all including Edward's line. However, there is a distinct difference between the DNA of the two lines. 

I feel that I should add a yDNA section to the Newsletter and will do that. More people testing their yDNA would be handy just to see if we can pinpoint the correct family for Isaac Kipp. He is likely coming down in the Isaac Hendricksen Kip line (the second son of Hendrick Hendricksen Kip and Tryntie Lubberts) but finding that elusive link proven to be an impossibility although Edward certainly made a good try at that. The published book has many incomplete lines dating back into the 1720 to 1740s which could easily be the father of Isaac Kipp. Many records were destroyed in the Dutchess County area during the Revolution unfortunately. Going back to the Town Halls was interesting but not conclusive. 

I can go back to thinking about this full time as I have now completed my Blake Newsletter for publication on the 1st of January.

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