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The Kip-Kipp Family Newsletter

 Finally back to working on the newsletter. I hope to complete the first issue by the end of next week and will publish it on this blog as well as on the yDNA study at FT DNA for the Kip-Kipp family. I added a new section:

 3.    Beginnings …..

My first introduction to the Kipp family history was during a visit to Edward’s uncle Howard Kipp in June 1966. He had a picture on the wall which was actually a genealogical chart and my recollection is dim these days although I rather think it is in his records now. The chart began with Isaac Kipp and Hannah Mead and then under that their eleven children were listed. There the memory ends. I can not particularly remember if there were spouses for these children or grandchildren listed. I have not seen the chart for many years but if it reappears as I work my way through I will scan it and put it into an issue of this newsletter.

That was basically the beginning of Edward’s conscious research into his Kipp family and for many years he only worked on the Kipp family until his mother gave him a huge stack of pictures for her Link family and suggested that he also do her family. But the beginning was interesting. Edward quickly found out about the Family History Centre and now that we had a car he could easily go and spend a bit of time there on his family history. Edward had never been to the United States except on a field trip with the Chemistry group and initially we did not go there but finally he had exhausted all available resources here (visits to family members/local historians and local repositories were most of that effort) and we headed south in 1973 to Albany to see what we could find. His uncle knew that his family was from New York State and mentioned Dutchess County. After Albany Dutchess County was our next stop on that trip. We did make many trips to this area but never found the record he desired which was the birth of his Isaac Kipp verified (1 Nov 1764) and his marriage to Hannah Mead the 29th Aug 1790. These dates were in the Family Bible which also listed all the children and their dates of birth.

There were other Kipp families who did not appear to trace back to the Kip family of New Amsterdam and he also researched those lines to a certain extent but could not find any record that would link his Isaac to these Kipp lines either. Then yDNA arrived and he tested in 2005. A match soon after with a known descendant of the Kip family of New Amsterdam was greeted with great joy. He finally had his answer and could concentrate on the Dutchess County area and so he did. This is a compilation of what he did find as the Newsletter continues until I am able to pass it to another. 

Looking back now on those early years, I got to see the area where Edward grew up and the people that he knew there. They were all very fond of him and, perhaps because his father died when he was two, told him many stories about his father which he enjoyed. But these few years before we moved to Ottawa were full of many repository trips to local municipal holdings and the Toronto Archives (I did use to bring along a book to read to be honest). But I cheered him along whenever he found something exciting to share and, as we discovered, I could easily read these old records and I did transcribe them for him as he found the handwriting difficult. So a little knowledge seeped in way back then but not a great deal of interest unfortunately. I do not have any American ancestry so could not really get thoroughly interested plus he would have this all done for his children I did think at the time!

 And I added in material under the next item namely

 4.    History of The Kip Family in America

Fortunately for the Kip Family in America another earlier researcher put together an extensive family genealogy book “History of The Kip Family in America” by Frederic Ellsworth Kip of Montclair, New Jersey and assisted by Margarita Lansing Hawley of Morristown, New Jersey and was published in 1928 at Boston by Hudson Printing Company. It is available on Internet Archive:

The following appears at the front of the book:

“The compiler when twenty to twenty-two years old (1882 to 1884) worked on the Kip Genealogy, and obtained considerable data. This material, during the past eight years (1920 to 1928) has been edited and augmented by the genealogist, Miss Margarita Lansing Hawley.

“Researches have been made in Holland, Great Britain, France, and in all of the places in the United States connected with the Kip family.”

Edward did enter all of the information in this book into a genealogy program (Legacy) and it can be found on the World Connect website:

I also created another item for the Table of Contents.

5. What do we know about Hendrick Hendricksen Kip the emigrant?

This will be my day's project working away at number 5 as I pull out the data which he collected. It is now four pages long and I shall have to decide a likely size for the newsletter and rather think I will not let it exceed 15 to 20 pages per issue. 

I believe I will work on individuals within the family as that is how Edward's material is arranged. Beginning with the emigrant does permit me to also go back to Amsterdam and the records there. The father of Hendrick appears to also have been Hendrick and that is all that is known about him. As I work through the material I will also find the two brothers and a sister listed in the Legacy family. I will also add these individuals to this first section if they appear in his research that I will be looking at or another time when I find them. Interestingly the sister appears to have married an Englishman 7 Sep 1619 and they lived in Amsterdam. I have not seen that before actually but it is more than 11 years since we actually worked together on his family history. Regretfully now I chose to work on my own family DNA which he thought I should do as well but this lost close contact with his work will make it more difficult for me to find items.

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