Friday, January 7, 2022

Hendrick Hendricksen Kip

 Today will be a day to work on the Kip-Kipp Family Newsletter. I would like to finish the section of Hendrick Hendricksen Kip although it is likely another day or two on that. Edward had acquired a lot of information on this ancient ancestor from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. An earlier book had given this man a glamorous storyline back in his ancestry but Edward was not able to find any of that information including in a book of Heraldry on French lines. The yDNA points to this particular line as having been within 100 km of Amsterdam back thousands of years and includes the skeletal remains of individuals found in an ice cave in Liechtenstein and about 3000 years old. I still remember being on the R1b list when a comment came out who is N18407 on the FT DNA site. I mulled that around for a couple of seconds and realized it was Edward's kit number and he matched this ancient skeleton found in the ice cave. He was thrilled at that information and worked away on that new knowledge. Finding his Kipp line was important to him and the DNA testing gave him  his answer although he still wanted to discover Isaac's father and perhaps our daughter will find that information in the years to come. She has become more and more interested this past six months in what he was doing. I would not have said that either of our daughters would be interested in genealogy, and like me, they are not from the standpoint of making a family tree. But this deep ancestry knowledge found in Edward's DNA is quite fascinating.

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