Friday, April 29, 2011

Connecticut State Library, Hartford, CT

The next day was a bit rainy which was OK as we made a visit to the Connecticut State Library in Hartford, CT. We had prepared in advance a spreadsheet of items to look at. With my wife`s assistance we made it through the list.

The big plus for me that day was that the Library had a complete copy of:

Abstract of Title of Kip's Bay Farm in the City of New York, with all known maps relating thereto...also, the early history of the Kip Family and the genealogy as refers to the title, by John J. Post. New York. 1894.

This book contains about 2056 pages. It is basically a legal summary of all land transactions affecting the Kip`s Bay Farm area in Manhattan up to about 1894.

I was able to take photographs of about 700 pages, a third of the book. I will go back another time for the rest. The reason I want this book is that these pages may offer family relationships which I can then verify in or add to the Kip/Kipp Family in America genealogy. There are only two other complete copies that I know about at Columbia University, NYC and New York Public Library, NYC.

The Connecticut State Library has a number of useful indexes for CT genealogy including Probate Estate Index, Barbour VR Index, Church Records Index, Hale Tombstone Index etc. We need to return for further research especially on my Allen family.

I have two Founders of Ancient Windsor CT, Thomas Dibble and Joseph Loomis. I am joining their association.

Hartford, CT has a very unusual State building just across the street from the Library. We had a quick walk around downtown before we left and also visited the Ancient Burying Ground to see the memorial obelisk for the Founders.

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