Saturday, April 30, 2011

Visit to Chappaqua, NY - Kip/Kipp Family

We made a side trip to Chappaqua, New York to visit the New Castle Historical Society located in the Horace Greeley House on King Street in Chappaqua. We wanted to see if they had anything on the Kip/Kipp family who lived in Westchester Co. This is the Loyalist Kipp family who came to Canada after the Revolution. We had a chat with a very nice gentleman Gray Williams. They did not have a lot of additional information except that he does know a lot about the various houses the members of the Kip/Kipp families who were not Loyalist lived in after the Revolution. We drove down Kipp street and also stopped and had a brief look at the old Quaker Meeting House at Chappaqua. The one thing I can say about that area is that it is hilly and the roads are very narrow. It seems to be rural but at the same time very built up. The Quaker meeting house also has an attached cemetery, but it was a wet day and we did not have time to wander. It looks very overgrown as well. I gave Mr. Williams a copy of the genealogy of the Loyalist Branch of the Kipp Family for their files.

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