Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sleepy Hollow, NY

On the final day of our trip we made a visit to Sleepy Hollow, New York, where the Philipsburg Manor and the Old Dutch Church are located. We had visited The Manor last year and this time I wanted to walk around the Church and see the attached cemetery. The Old Dutch Church dates from at least 1685 with repairs made by 1837. The church was built by Frederick Philipse, who is buried with his family in the crypt. It fell into a period of disuse during the Revolution. Attached to the church is the old burying ground. The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery extends well out beyond the church and the old burying ground. All of these places are just above Tarrytown, New York. Very close to NYC.

A map and booklet are now available, which made it easier for us to find the two plots of Kip/Kipp burials we were looking for. The map includes street names as well as numbered burial areas. So once we were into the cemetery we were able to drive easily to the areas we wanted to visit. As it turned out they were very close to each other.

Area 10 contained Kipp-Halstead plot
Area 1 contained the Kip-Carpenter family plot
I took photographs of all of the stones in these two plots.
All of these people are listed on the Find A Grave website.

Close to the two Kipp/Kip plots there is an Revolutionary War Monument which was erected in 1894. Three of the sides contain names of those soldiers and officers of the Revolution who by their valor sustained the cause of Liberty and Independence.

We also stopped at the Irving family plot and had a look at the tombstone for Washington Irving.

Also located in this cemetery are Mausoleums for some of the richer American families such as Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Chrysler. The mausoleum for Rockefeller was probably two, three or more times the size of our house!

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  1. Yes, we stopped at the cemetery there. Lots of Dutch names! It was very interesting!