Monday, May 9, 2011

Kip/Kipp Research-1

Rev. William Ingraham Kip (1811-1893), Bishop of California
I was able to find him on the 1850 and 1880 US Census and Find A Grave.

1850 US Census. New York. Albany. Albany Ward 6. P. 352A. Roll M432_472.
Kip, William I 38 NY Clergyman
Kip, Mariah E 38 NY
Kip, Lawrence 13 NY
Kip, William H 11 NY
Kip, Leonard 23 NY Lawyer
Fagan, Cathern 25 Ireland
Fitzpatrick, An 25 Ireland

1880 Census of The United States. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. P. 14. Roll 79. Enumeration Dist. 211.
Kipp, William I 68 NY Bishop of California
Kipp, Maria 67 NJ Keeping House
Kipp, William I Jr 39 NY At home
Kipp, Elizabeth 37 NJ At home Daughter-in-law
Kipp, William I 13 CA At home grandson
Kipp, Lawrence 10 NJ At home grandson
Kipp, Elizabeth 7 NJ grandaughter
Kipp, Mary 3 NJ granddaughter
Flood, Catharine 18 Ireland Servant cook
Lamb, Catharine 30 Ireland Servant Waitress
Collins, Agnes 52 Ireland Servant Nurse Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, San Mateo Co, CA, USA.
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: N 37.67350, Longitude: W -122.45519.

I also found his son William Ingraham (1840-1918) and his wife Elizabeth Clementina Kip (1843-1920)on the 1910 US Census.

1910 Census of the United States. California. Alameda. Berkely. P. 11B. Roll T624_72. Enumeration Dist. 48.
Welcher, Adair 51 NY lawyer
Welcher, Rety A 72 KY House keeper mother
McComb, S A 26 CA servant
Kip, William S(I) 70 NY Federal officer Dept. Commerce & labor
Kip, Elizabeth C 63 NJ

Marie Elizabeth Ingraham (1784-1877) widow of Leonard Kip (1774-1846) father of the Bishop of California.
Living with her daughter Elizabeth who married Henry L Storrs on the 1850, 1860 and 1870 US Census.

1850 Census of the United States. New York. Westchester. Yonkers. P. 206A (411). Roll M432_615.
Storrs, Henry L 39 NY Prot Epis Clergyman
Storrs, Elizabeth K 36 NY
Storrs, Eliza 12 NY
Storrs, Maria 9 NY
Storrs, Leonard K 7 NY
Storrs, Esther 63 NY
Kip, Maria J 63 PA
Francis, Selina 18 Eng

1860 Census of the United States. Maine. Kennebec. Gardiner. P. 111. Roll M653_441.
Storrs, Elizabeth K 45 NY
Storrs, Eliza 22 NY
Storrs, Maria 18 NY
Storrs, Lenard K 17 NY Student in College
Kip, Maria J 75 PA
Storrs, Esther 75 NY
Kane, John J 10 NY
Cram, Louisa 35 Maine Domestic

1870 Census of the United States. Maine. Kennebec. Gardiner. P. 290B (96). Roll M593_546.
Burgess, Sophia 52 NY Keeping house
Burgess, Mary G 19 Maine
Storrs, Elizabeth R 56 NY
Storrs, Maria 28 CT
Storrs, Leonard K 27 NY Clergyman
Kipp, Maria L 85 PA
Kane, John R 20 NY
Williams, Mary A 42 Maine Domestic servant
Williams, Richard 12 Maine Servant

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