Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kip/Kipp yDNA Study

The Kipp yDNA study has a new set of results for the descendants of Hendrick Hendrickson Kip. There are now two testers at 67 markers and their only differences are in the CDYa/b values. Each one is one different hence giving a 65/67 match for both. A third member has tested to 37 markers and he too has a difference at CDYa/b only with a match to one tester on CDYa and a match to the second tester on CDYb. What can we learn from this testing? The three men share a most recent common ancestor in the time frame of published history. A 65/67 match tends to be thought of as a 50% probability of a common ancestry within six generations and 90% probability within 12 generations. The hypothetical thought would be if the third person tested to 67 markers and he matched both of these men at 66/67 markers then this probability would be 50% at 4 generations and 90% probability in 8 generations

Encouraging other Kipp family members to test would add greatly to the information on the Kip/Kipp family descendants of Hendrick Hendrickson Kip. The slightly differing CDYa/b results could lead to separation of the descendants of the three sons of Hendrick Hendrickson Kip namely Jacob Kip, Hendrick Kip and Isaac Kip. For those who are brickwalled in the mid to late 1700s with their Kip/Kipp line having such a complete yDNA study of the Kip/Kipp family would be of great assistance to them. For those able to trace their line back to Hendrick Hendrickson Kip the value is in learning your deep ancestry. 

In the past couple of years the study of autosomal DNA has proven to also give good results within family groupings. The Family Finder test at FT DNA reveals matching blocks in the 22 autosomal chromosomes. Three members of this group have tested Family Finder (two descendant of a female Kipp line and the other of a male Kipp line). This test can assist both male and female testers in the Kipp line providing a sufficient number carry out the test.

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