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Margaret Ann Darby (1765-1856) - one of my 3 x great grandmothers

Margaret Ann Darby, one of my 3 x great grandmothers was born Dec. 23, 1765 at Kiskatemesy, Greene County, New York. Died April 10, 1856, Grimsby, Lincoln County, Canada West.

She married Johannes Schram, probably by 1785, at Loonenburg, Greene County, New York.
Her ancestors settled at Scotch Plains, New Jersey about 1684.

1. Edward Kipp
2. Lorne Bernice Kipp (b Sep 3, 1901) - Gobles, Oxford Co. ON, Canada
3. William Henry Kipp (b Oct 1, 1862) - Burford Twp, Brant Co., Canada West
4. Elizabeth Force (b Mar 19, 1818) - Burford Twp, Brant Co., Upper Canada
5. Elizabeth Schram (b Aug 9, 1791) - Grantham Twp., Niagara, Province of Quebec
6. Margaret Ann Darby (b Dec. 23, 1765) - Kistatemesy, Greene County, New York
7. Ephraim Darby (b Mar. 6, 1733) - Scotch Plains, Union County, New Jersey
8. William Darby (b 1693) - Scotch Plains, Union County, New Jersey
9. William Darby (b Feb. 28, 1646) - Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts
10. John Derby (b 1610) - Burton Bradstock, Dorset, England

Margaret Ann Darby (m Johannes Schram)

Ephraim Darby (m Rachel Pettit)  Index of Revolutionary War Pensioners. Fold3.  New York: Albany County Deeds, 1630-1894.
Grantor Ephraim Darby; Grantee Peter Hogeboom; Date Sept. 21, 1793; Recorded April 16, 1794 Book 13 Pg 415; Note Lot 51. 50 acres, township of Freehold, Albany County.  1790 Census Freehold, Albany, New York. Ephraim Derby.
Enlisted as a Private in the 4th Battalion, 2nd Establishment, New Jersey Troops, and on Feb. 17, 1777 was promoted to Quartermaster. On Nov 12, 1777, he is listed as a Lieut and Quartermaster in the 3rd Regiment of the New Jersey Continental Line and as a Lieut in the 1st Regiment of the New Jersey Continental Line; he retired Sept. 1, 1782. He was a Captain by brevet, and also a Captain in the New Jersey Militia. On Jan. 2, 1770, along with Hezekiah Dunn, Jr., he was the administrator of the estate of Hezekiah Dun (Jun 21, 1716 - Dec 1769). On May 5, 1791, with his son, Samuel and one Solomon Tice, he petitioned for 603 1/2 acres in Cairo Twp., Greene County, New York, where he is believed to have spent the last years of his life.

William Darby 1693 (m Mary)
In 1684/85 Scotch Plains was settled by Scottish immigrants who landed at Perth Amboy under the leadership of George Scot.

In the 1720's, William Darby, a Baptist, gave part of his property to build a meetinghouse and a cemetery. On this property a Baptist church was dedicated in 1747. In the 1760's he also gave land for the first school, an academy standing next to the church on Park Avenue (then called Darby Road).
Before 1730 he lived in Essex County, New Jersey and in July, 1744 was a petitioner of Elizabethtown, New Jersey, in Union County. On October 14, 1747, he was named the first Ruling Elder and acting Deacon in the Baptist Church of Scotch Plains, which he has help to found on August 5, 1747.

February 9, 1774: THE WILL OF WILLIAM DARBY, of Borough of Elizabeth Essex County, yeoman.
"To the heir-in-law of my son, Samuel Darby, deceased, 20 shillings. Son, William, the plantation where he lives. Son, John, the plantation where he lives. Son, William, what land I have lying between the land I sold to Melvin Parse, and my son John's land. Sons, William and John, all my right to certain land and meadow, not now in my possession, within the bounds of Elizabethtown, if they can get the same. My Executors are to sell the plantation where I live, viz., what land I bought of Rev. Benjamin Miller and Abraham Clark (NOTE: Perhaps the Abraham Clark (1726-1794) of Elizabeth, New Jersey, who in 1776, signed the Declaration of Independence): also part of a piece of mountain land, which I bought of William Line, viz., that part of it which lies to the south of the road that runs through it; also my Falls Mill and land belonging to it; also what mountain land I have between that I sold to John Shotwell and my Falls Mill lot. Son, Ephraim, 20 shillings. Grandson,  Elias Darby, son of my son, Elias, deceased, the land between what land I sold to Melvin Parse, and that I have to son Elias by deed; also my mountain land to the south of that I sold to John Shotwell; but if he die under 21, then to his brother an sister, Ephraim and Mary Darby. My son Elia's widow is to have use of what I have given her children till they come of age. Grandson, Samuel Darby, son of my son, Samuel, deceased, 5 shillings. Daughter, Mary Conger, 20 shillings. Daughter, Margaret Casterline, 20 shillings. Rest of my estate to sons, William and John. Executors -- sons, William and John. Witnesses -- Abner Hamton, Sarah Hamton, William Coles. Proved March 8, 1775."
Lib. L, p. 353.

The following came from: Encyclopedia of American Biography, NY 1923, v. 13, p. 74.
Deacon William Darby was a member of the Baptist Church of Scotch Plains
in 1747, the date of its organization.

William Darby 1646 (m Elizabeth Jane Hawkins)
About 1684, he settled in Elizabeth, Union County, New Jersey, perhaps coming with a group of English settlers. On April 16, 1688, he was deeded 44 acres of land at Elizabethtown by Agatha White, a widow; this land deeded to her about two weeks prior by Richard Beech. On July 21, 1690, William Darby deeded this land to Richard Mattuke of Elizabethtown, in exchange for 40 acres on the south branch of Elizabethtown Creek., this land acquired by Mattuke by purchase from Mary Hatfield, widow of Mattias Hatfield. On May 27, 1696, Andrew White deeded to William Darby, 60 acres of ground consisting of 3 parcels; and on March 27, 1701, William and wife mortgaged to John Blanchard, trader, 66 acres in 2 parcels. Between 1688 and 1701, William removed to Scotch Plains, Union County, New Jersey. He was among the 230 men who signed the Remonstrance of the Inhabits of East Jersey (a petition against the Acts of the Lords Proprietors), which was executed probably before 1700.

The following information came from a book called: "Clark in Elizabeth Town in New Jersey" by Elmer Sayre Clark:
"William Darby was of a group of English settlers from Elizabeth and vicinity. William married Elizabeth Hawkins and lived for a number of years at Elizabeth, New Jersey, prior to removing to Scotch Plains New Jersey. In 1687 he bought 44 acres of land at Elizabeth from Agatha White, widow, and in 1701 he sold this land to John Blanchard.

John Derby (m Alice Chipman)
John Darby appears to be the family member where the name was changed from Derby to Darby, and appears to have come over to America sometime between 1640 and 1642. John would have traveled with Alice (wife), Mary (child), John (child), Anne (child) and Abraham (child). First child born in America was Sarah in 1642. Last child born in England was Abraham in 1640.

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  1. The New York marriage records indicate that Nancy Derby married John Schram in 1781 in Athens New York (was called Loonenburg at the time).

    The Upper Canada Land Petition of Ann Schram in 1817 raised in 9 April 1817 - "The petition of Ann Schram of the Township of Grantham states she is the daughter of John Darby late of the Township of Grantham an enrolled U.E. Loyalist and is married to John Schram of Grantham. Asks for 200 acres of Land. There is a statement attached to the petition indicating that both her father John Darby and her husband John Schram are deceased in 1817. She was granted 200 acres on 18 March 1818 (Land Book J pg 309)

    Furthermore Nancy Ann Darby's death in 1851 is documented and cited by the Darby Family at Find a Grave in the Darby Family Cemetery in St. Catherines.

    Sincerely, Capt. John Schram