Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Some books I read in 2014

The Modigliani Scandal, by Ken Follett.

An Astronaut's Guide to Life On Earth, by Chris Hadfield. Random House Canada. 2013.

The Professor and The Madman. A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and The Making Of The Oxford English Dictionary, by Simon Winchester. Harper Collins. 1998.

John Glenn, A Memoir, by John Glenn with Nick Taylor. Bantom Books. 1999.

Up Till Now. The Autobiography, by William Shatner with David Fisher. Thomas Dunne Books. New York. 2008.

Frans Hals Museum Haarlem, by H P Baard. Knorr & Hirth Verlag GMBH. 1969.

Norway to America. A History of the Migration, by Ingrid Semmingsen. University of Minnesota Press. Minneapolis. 1980.

James Douglas. Father of British Columbia, by Dorothy Blakey Smith. Canada Lives series. Oxford University Press. Toronto. 1971.

The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson. The McMichael Canadian Collection. Kleinburg, Ontario.

When The Fat Lady Sings. Opera History As It Ought To Be Taught, by David W Barber. Sound and Vision. Toronto, Ontario. 1990. [Humorous]

Rosalind Franklin. The Dark Lady of DNA, by Brenda Maddox. Harper Collins. 2002. [Seems to give a balanced view]

Noose, Knife and Fire. The Bloody Assize. Editor Lois Corey. Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum, City of Hamilton. 2014.

Insubordinate Spirit. A True Story of Life and Loss in Earliest America. 1610-1665, by Missy Wolfe. Globe Pequot Press, 2012. [This book provides a lot of information on the history of early Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Amsterdam people, as well as much information on the Winthrop, Feake and Hallett families. I am descended from Elizabeth Fones, Winthrop, Feake, Hallett.]

White Devil. An Epic Story of Revenge, by Stephen Brumwell. Weidenfeld & Nicolson. 2004. [Seven Years War and Robert Rogers.]

Galileo, by Colin A Ronan. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London. 1974.

Code To zero, by Ken Follett. Duton, Penguin. 2000.

Tesla. Sorry didn't note the author.

The Children of Peace and The Village of Hope. Albert Schrarwers.

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